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Track Name: Baby Now You’re Mine – Instrumental
Artist: Harley Toberman
Duration: 1:57
BPM: 160
Description: Recorded in the USA 1964 – Instrumental, summer and surf Californian vibes.
​Keywords: Surf/ Fun/ Summer/ USA/ 1960’s/ Happy/ Fun Fair/ Rides/ Adrenalin/ Speed/Retro
Tune code:154366LW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up508
Track Name: Baby Now You’re Mine
Artist: Harley Toberman
Duration: 1:57
Description:  Recorded in the USA 1964 – groovy 60’s feel about chasing a girl – in the vain of 60’s Californian sound.
Keywords: 1960’s/ USA/ Happy/ Baby/ Rides/Retro
Tune code: 154367AM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up509
Track Name: Brand New Boots
Artist: Harley Toberman
Duration: 3:19
Description Recorded in the USA 1964 – Summer-Californian vibes, Male vocals song about new boots
Keywords: Boots/ Sixties/ Fashion/ Cool/ Rain /Retro
Tune code: 154367AN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up510
Track Name: You Go Away
Artist: Harley Toberman
Duration: 2:33
Description Recorded in the USA 1964 – Male vocal
Keywords: Kiss/ Love/ Tambourine/ Sixties/ Organ/ Relationships/Retro
Tune code: 154367AP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up511
Track Name: You Never Said Hello
Artist: Harley Toberman
Duration: 2:04
DescriptionRecorded in the USA 1964 – male vocal
Keywords: Sixties/ Organ/ Regret/ Bitterness/ Relationships/Retro
Tune code: 154367AQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up512