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Track Name: Lost At Sea
Artist: Paul Cooke
Duration: 9:41
BPM: 120
Description: Ambient soundscape with tape effects
Keywords: Electronica/ Ambient/ Soundscape/ Experimental/Sci – Fi/ Slow/ Underscore/ Beats/ Melancholic / Ethereal / Future / Cities / Night
Tune code: 140041LW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up166 
Track Name: Ultramarine
Artist: Aquiline
Duration: 6:31
BPM: 90
Description: Jazzy airy ambient soundscape with a warm texture.
Keywords: Dreamy/ Ambient/ Soundscape/ Experimental/Warm/ Slow/ Underscore/ Space / Ethereal / Future / Cities / Deep/Voices/
Tune code: 151676HT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up431 
Track Name: Drawing Lines At Gatwick
Artist: Lauds
Duration: 6:22
BPM: 71 bpm- Fluctuates
Description: Dense orchestration and psychogeographical study completed at Gatwick airport.
Keywords: Uneasy/ Ambient/Space/ Dream/ Lost Dark /  Tense/  Orchestral / Nervousness
Tune code256476EW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1701