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Track Name: Heart Of Mine
Artist: Matt Ellis
BPM: 79
Description: Heart Of Mine is a mid-tempo slice of Americana. Featuring beautiful lap steel guitar, the acoustic based track immediately transports the listener to a desert Highway in search of lost love.
Keywords: Americana/ Acoustic/ Slide Guitar/ Singer&Songwriter/ Folk/Rock/ Reflective/ Sentimental/ Home Warming/ Patriotic/ Love/ Relationships.
Tune code188359LS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1052 
Track Name: Optimistic
Artist: The Wayside Shakeup
Duration: 3:26
BPM: 80
Description: Strong male vocal track
Keywords: Guitars/ Male vocal
Tune code: 152315LT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up420 
Track Name: Jumping Fences
Artist: Kangaroo
Duration: 3:57
BPM: 120
Description: Cute dual male and female vocals. Acoustic instruments as well as electric piano and drums.
Keywords: Cute/ Childhood/ Kids Playing/ Spoken Spanish/ Heart Warming
Tune code: 133618GU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up051 
Track Name: Americana
Artist: Kangaroo
Duration: 2:54
BPM: 104
Description: Mellow ambiant slow tempo acoustic guitars.
Keywords: Melancholic/ Atmospheric/ Ambient.
Tune code:133618HN