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Track Name: Heart Of Mine
Artist: Matt Ellis
BPM: 79
Description: Heart Of Mine is a mid-tempo slice of Americana. Featuring beautiful lap steel guitar, the acoustic based track immediately transports the listener to a desert Highway in search of lost love.
Keywords: Americana/Acoustic/Slide Guitar/Singer/Songwriter/Folk/Rock/Reflective/Sentimental/Home Warming/Patriotic/Love/Relationships.
Tune code188359LS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1052
Track Name: Optimistic
Artist: The Wayside Shakeup
Duration: 3:26
BPM: 80
Description: Strong male vocal track
Keywords: Guitars/male vocal
Tune code: 152315LT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up420
Track Name: Jumping Fences
Artist: Kangaroo
BPM: 120
Description: Cute dual male and female vocals. Acoustic instruments as well as electric piano and drums.
Keywords: Cute/Childhood/Kids Playing/Spoken Spanish/Heart Warming.
Tune code: 133618GU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up051
Track Name: Americana
Artist: Kangaroo
BPM: 104
Description: Mellow ambiant slow tempo acoustic guitars.
Keywords: Melancholic/Atmospheric/Ambient.
Tune code:133618HN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up054
Track Name: Lightbreaker
Artist: Kangaroo
BPM: 110
Description: Acoustic guitars, 12 string guitars with male voice.
Keywords: Melancholic/Atmospheric/Ambient/Sunday Morning.
Tune code:133618HS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up057
Track Name: She Runs
Artist: Hillary Chapman
BPM: 110
Description: Acoustic guitars Female and Male voices light airy ambiance
Keywords: Melancholic/ Atmospheric/ Ambient /Lost/Haze/Rock/Life/Americana Melancholic/ Atmospheric/ Ambient Sunday Morning/She/ Runs/Warm/ Airy/Mud/ Clouds/ Sky/ Rain
Tune code144916GV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up342
Track Name: Freezing Flames
Artist: Servet Fidan
BPM: 110
Description: Americana duet with full band female and male voices with lap-steel. About the lifes fears and how they drive us to crazy thoughts.
Keywords: Melancholic/ Atmospheric/ Ambient /Lost/Haze/Rock/Life/American
Tune code: 149947BW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up309


Track Name: Take It Home
Artist: Nate Currin
Duration: 3:47
BPM: 88
Description: Upbeat folksy, Americana tune about living life and going home
Keywords: Home/Folk/Heaven/Guitar/Roads/Wind/Ghosts/Alone/Kansas.
Tune code: 155671CT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up558
Track Name: Fortune Bay
Artist: Buk Askold
Duration: 3:36
BPM: 76
Description: Atmospheric “Big Sky” Americana instrumental featuring guitar and pedal steel in the style of Daniel Lanois.
Keywords: Americana/Atmospheric/Pedal steel/Guitar/Big sky.
Tune code: 158234CP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up639
Track Name: Law of Falling Bodies
Artist: Kangaroo
Duration: 4:42
Description: Dark atmospheric indie song with male vocal female backing vocals, Rhodes keys and electric guitar.
Keywords: Dark,/Indie,/Slow/Americana/Atmospheric/Rode keyboards/Guitar.
Tune code: 175161BV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up056
Track Name: Hush
Artist: Van Wild
Duration: 3:51
BPM: 92
Description: A touching americana-styled ballad about love for a child.
Keywords: Americana/Female vocal/Bass, story/Ballad/Comforting/Peaceful/Happy/Cheerful/Love song/Baby
Tune code: 185795LU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up956
Track Name: Redtail Reel
Artist: Rod Brown
Duration: 3:51
BPM: 92
Description: Acoustic guitar solo up tempo finger style acoustic guitar Americana with a blue-grass feel
Keywords: American/Comforting/Warm/Peaceful/Flying/Soaring/Mountains/Uplifting/Open/Spaces/Energetic/Lively/Traveling/Playful/Nature
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1053
Track Name: Never Tired Of Rock ‘n Roll
Artist: Norman Baker & The Backroads
Duration: 4:11
BPM: 84
Description: Never Tired of Rock & Roll is a folk ballad about some of the ingredients of a great rock & roll song. A sort of tongue in cheek depiction of the complexities, ironies, and anxieties of city life and the musician lifestyle.
Key Words: Rock / Ballad / Dreamy / Belief / Dreary / Folk / Soul / Strong / Power / Inspirational / folk/ south/ southern
Tune code230286KP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1429
Track Name:  Trouble Won’t Stay
Artist: Norman Baker & The Backroads
Duration: 3:11
BPM: 142
Description: This song is reflects on the innocence of childhood and the promise of hope for the future. It takes me back to jumping fences and swinging on rope swings. It was slightly inspired by Ray Lamontagne’s “Old Before Your Time” and George Jones’ “A Girl I Used to Know”.
Key Words: Roots / Acoustic / Nostalgia / Freedom / Trouble / Folk / Pop / Country / Americana / Hope
Tune code:230286KQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1430
Track Name: Killin’ Floor
Artist: John Dempsey
Duration: 4:24
Description: Singer songwriter with an Americana feel.
Key Words: Americana/Acoustic/ Simple/ Thoughtful/ Lyrical/ Finger-picking/ Anti-love/ Empowering/ Melodic / Life/ Flying
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1446 
Track Name: The One
Artist: Kate Vargas
Duration: 4:02
BPM: 62
Description: Female Singer songwriter with an Americana feel with a raspy voiced love(-ish) song.
Key Words: Americana/Acoustic/ Simple/ Thoughtful/ Lyrical/Hope/ Warm/ Love
Tune code: 250500AP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1446 
Track Name: The Greatest Thrill Of Them All
Artist: Lionel Lodge
Duration: 4:43
BPM: 83
Description: Acoustic guitar, piano, violin and soft, age worn voices singing about how simply wonderful it is to be alive.
Key Words: Acoustic/ Easy/ Piano/ Violin/ Male Voice/Americana/ Hopeful/ Optimistic/ Warm
Tune code: 256476ER
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1615 
Track Name: Route 52
Artist: Jeep White
Duration: 4:42
BPM: 83
Description: Acoustic singer songwriter – song about retrospection, introspection and regret.
Key Words: Acoustic/ Regret/ Male Voice/Americana/Retrospection/ Life
Tune code: 256476FS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1693 
Track Name: Cary Morin
Artist: Taylor’s Moon Song
Duration: 02:25
BPM: 85
Description: Solo guitar finger style with male vocals.
Key Words: Finger Style/ Blues/ Moon/ Acoustic/ Regret/ Male Voice/Americana/Retrospection/ Life
Tune code: 256476ES
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1706 
Track Name: Now
Artist: Slombers Woke
Duration: 4:05
BPM: 123
Description: Dark love song about obsessive despairing love. In waltz time.
Key Words: Acoustic/ Male Voice/Americana/Retrospection/ Life /
Tune code: 272115EP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1845
Track Name: Quite On The Porch
Artist: The Mosleys
Duration: 4:10
Description: Male and female duet 
Key Words: Folk/ Harmony/ Porch/Acoustic/ Male Voice/Americana/Comforting/ Life
Tune code: 275017EU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1889
Track Name: Walk Right
Artist: Pete and the Stray Dogs
Duration: 4:15
BPM: 116
Description: A dark, stomping, gospel-infused banjo blues that calls to mind a backwoods version of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Key Words: Banjo, Blues, Fiddle, Americana, Folk, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Folk
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up3086
Track Name: Lost Cowboy
Artist: SW LaFollett
Duration: 5:08
BPM: Steady slow
Description: Cowboy song – think sat around the campfire.
Key Words: Moody, Contemplative, Lonely, Solitary, Pensive, Western, Cowboy, Harmonica, Dobro
Tune code: 284945FS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up3055