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Track Name: Broken Flowers
Artist: T.Mandrake
Duration: 5:22
BPM: 130
Description: Mid tempo rocker with mandolin, horn section, clarinet,Hammond organ. Reflective sentimental lyrics.
Keywords: Reflective, Sentimental, Home Warming, Patriotic.
Tune code134076HT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up013
Track Name: Bust & Boom
Artist: T.Mandrake
Duration: 3:39
BPM: 104
Description: Bright upbeat track with a political lyric with male and female vocals. Brass section and piano solo.
Keywords: Fun / Upbeat / Brass / Song / Playful / Acoustic / Vocals / Horns
Tune code134076HV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up007
Track Name: Union Street
Artist: T.Mandrake
Duration: 5:32
BPM: 60–  6/4-3/4 time
Description: Orchestral backing with a soulful groove. Lyrically tells the tale of the need to make music and the journey it takes .
​Key Words: Sentimental / Emotional / Orchestral / Epic/ Acoustic / Brass / Strings / Vocals / Song / Waltz / Slow
Tune code: 134217AU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up009
Track Name: Union Street Instrumental
Artist: T.Mandrake
Duration: 5:19
BPM: 60
Description: Orchestral track with a soulful backing. With a jazzy middle section.
Keywords: Flowing, Light, Orchestration
Tune code: 136369AV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up038
Track Name: Come On Over
Artist: Paul Currie
Duration: 5:32
BPM: 64-3/4 time
Description: Pop/Rock with clever tagline lyrics to infectious beat.
​Keywords: Hooky/ Dance/ Blues/Pop/Rock/Sexual/Drivin/Groovy
Tune code:184920FS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up839
Track Name: Good Old Days
Artist: Echoville
Duration: 3:45
BPM: 138
Description: Grooving half time rocker with a soulful horn section. Reflects on moving on from past
bad habits.
​Keywords: Upbeat / Brass / Song / Playful / Acoustic / Vocals / Horns / Nostalgic / Groove / Band
Tune code: 136302KQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up010
Track Name: Cat Fight
Artist: T.Mandrake
Duration: 3:56
BPM: 146
Description: Jazzy/soulful song with muted trumpets and piano solo.
In the vein of: Steely Dan
​Keywords: Jazz / Upbeat / Brass / Song / Playful / Acoustic / Vocals / Horns / Nostalgic / Groove / Band
Tune code: 134217BM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up011
Track Name: Villa Andromeda
Artist: T.Mandrake
Duration: 3:36
BPM: 120
Description: Piano and vocal introduction in the vein of Bowie’s Hunky Dory that merges into a Beatles Mr Kite circus
​Keywords: Piano / Bars / Upbeat / Song / Playful / Acoustic / Vocals / Horns / Nostalgic / Groove / Trumpet
Tune code: 134217AV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up012
Track Name: Honey
Artist: T.Mandrake
Duration: 3:38
BPM: 130
Description: Poppy soul track Motown/Stax influence soulful vocals. Hammond organ, tambourine, bari sax, horn section.
​Keywords: Motown / Stax / Fun / Upbeat / Brass / Song / Playful / Acoustic / Vocals / Horns / Groove / Band
Tune code: 012346AM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up081
Track Name: Hazle Eyes
Artist: T.Mandrake
Duration: 3:25
BPM: 132
Description: Poppy Soul track Motown/Stax influence soulful vocals. Clave, tambourine, violin, horn section.
In the vein of: Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin.
​Keywords: Motown / Stax, /Upbeat / Brass / Song / Playful / Acoustic / Vocals / Horns / Nostalgic / Groove / Band
Tune code: 123463LT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up082
Track Name: All It Took
Artist: Kris Campell
Duration: 3:32
Description: Poppy soul rock track with  flute.
​Keywords: Rock / Indie / Fun / Soulful / Flute / Keys / Guitar / Acoustic / Song /Groove / Flute / Driving
Tune code: 143814FR
Track Name: What She Wants
Artist: Clues
Duration: 4:15
BPM: 120
Description: Dark poppy rock ballad with a 1960’s  flavour.
​Keywords: Rock / Indie / Dark / Soulful / 1960’s / Keys / Spin / Psychedelic /Waltz/
Tune code: 151796EM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up422
Track Name: Monmouth Minuet
Artist: Battalion 286
Duration: 4:15
BPM: 112
Description: Dark poppy rock ballad with full orchestra.
​Keywords: Rock / Indie / Dark / Ballad / 1960’s / Orchestra / Psychedelic / Sombre / Build
Tune code: Coming soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up959
Track Name: Beyond The World
Artist:  Battalion 286
Duration: 7:05
BPM: 124
Description: A progressive AOR big band track that moves between dark/sombre/uplifting and optimistic tones and beats.
​Keywords: Rock / Indie / Dark / Progressive / Male vocal / Mid-tempo / Optimistic / Positive / Gang vocal / Bass / Orchestra / Band
Tune code: Coming soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up960
Track Name: Hello
Artist: Battalion 286
Duration: 2:50
BPM: 118
Description: A cheerful big band track with a big sound.
​Keywords: Rock / Poppy / Male vocal / Mid-tempo / Orchestra / Optimistic / Gang vocal / Band / Cheerful
Tune code: Coming soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up961
Track Name: Let The Rain Fall
Artist: Battalion 286
Duration: 6:12
BPM: 76
Description: A piano-charged AOR ballad.
​Keywords: Rock / Indie / Dark / Male vocal / Mid-tempo / Piano / Orchestra / Ballad / Progressive / Reflective / Optimistic / Climax
Tune code: Coming soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up963
Track Name:Little Louisa
Artist: Battalion 286
Duration: 2:44
BPM: 180
Description: Quirky, fun, rock and roll interspersed with elements of public domain orchestral music.
​Keywords: Rock / Indie / Drums / Fun / Male vocal / Up-tempo / Piano / Orchestra / Excitement / Dance
Tune code: Coming soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up967
Track Name: Time Immemorial
Artist: Battalion 286
Duration: 3:08
BPM: 79
Description: A reflecting, hopeful acoustic ballad backed by orchestra.
​Keywords: Acoustic Guitar / Male Vocal / Intimate / Yearning / Reflecting / Builds / Orchestra / Love / Hopeful
Tune code: Coming soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up969
Duration: 2:44
BPM: 116
Track Name: Be Yourself
Artist: 5 Minuete Band
Description: Contemporary Pop song with soulful vocal, big drums and percussion.
​Keywords: Pop/Percussive/Drums/Hell/Heaven/80’s/Soulful/Wonders/Self/Funky Bass/Synths/Bells
Tune code: 141783GN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up213
Track Name: Albert
Artist: Eddie Japan
Duration: 4:09
BPM: 165
Description: An orchestral ode to Albert Camus that recalls the melancholic sweep of Scott Walker’s solo records of the late 1960s.
Keywords: orchestral, Morricone, 1960s, moody, cinematic, Scott Walker, Driven, Spaghetti Western
Tune code: 185466BQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up988
Track Name: Starting Now
Artist: Mates
Duration: 3:42
BPM: 170
Description: Pop song ala Beatles Elton John ELO Paul McCartney John Lennon
Keywords: Happy, 1960s, Fun, Uplifting, Energy, Sunny
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1046
Track Name: T & James
Artist: T.Mandrake
Duration: 4:57
BPM: 113
Description: Big production with strings and horn section reflecting on youth.
Keywords: Youth, Reflective, Sentimental, Hope.
Tune code: 134217BP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up015