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Duration: 4:02
Description: Soulful contemporary Blues track with a big riffed chorus. 
Key Words: Soulful/ Singer/ Blues/ Gospel/ Epic/ Guitar/ Soft/Lost/ Military drums
Tune code152902CN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up465
√ Instrumental available on request.
Duration: 4:28
Description: Funky groove soul track with epic female vocals
Key Words: Groove, Army,  Energetic, Soul, Imagination, Big, Neo-gospel.
Tune code: 153113DR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up480
√ Instrumental available on request.
Duration: 2:29
Description: Soul track that builds from a soft vocal into a massive rock onslaught
Key Words: Blackout, Dark, Powerful, Energetic, Soulful, Imagination, Big, Neo-gospel.
Tune code: 153113DQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up481
Duration: 2:28
Description: Atmospheric track with a haunting vibe.
Key Words: Military , Dark, Powerful, Energetic,Voices.
Tune code: 153113DS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up482