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Ballad (HK)

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Duration: 4:34
BPM: 60
Description: Power Ballad, with an epic solo section.
In the vein of: Bonjovi, Extreme.
​Key Words: Love, Relationships.
Tune code: 7317950T
Catalogue Number: Pop-up014
Duration: 5:32
BPM: 64-3/4 time
Description: Orchestral backing with a soulful groove. Lyrically tells the tale of the need to make music from a young
and wise narrator and the journey it takes.
In the vein of: Van Morrison..
​Key Words: Sentimental, Emotional, Orchestral, Epic.
Tune code: 134217AU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up009
√ Instrumental available on request.
Duration: 4:57
BPM: 113
Description: Big production with strings and horn section reflecting on youth.
In the vein of: Don Henley, Brian Adams
​Key Words: Youth, Reflective, Sentimental, Hope.
Tune code: 134217BP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up015
√ Instrumental available on request.
Duration: 4:27
BPM: 84
Description: Rock ballad with an optimistic message.
In the vein of: Gary Barlow, The Beatles
​Key Words: Stars, Optimism, Hope.
Tune code: 133872HT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up016
√ Instrumental available on request.
Duration: 4:37
Description: Dreamy soulful Love ballad.
In the vein of:
​Key Words: Melancholic/Love/Acoustic/Relationships//Loving/Gentle/Fall/Emotion/Lost/Trust/Warm/Fight/Mistakes/Sad
Tune code: 143439FQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up310
Duration: 4:00
BPM: 105
Description: Airy acoustic singer songwriter ballad with a touch of the Doors – female vocal and organ
Key Words: Ballad/ Singer/ songwriter/ Acoustic/ Femal/ vocals/ Soft/Organ/Relax/Airy/Peaceful
Tune code: 155301KR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up413
Duration: 3:52
BPM: 3/4
Description: Pop/folky song with female vocals
Key Words: Ballad/ Singer/ songwriter/ Acoustic/ Female/ vocals/Strings /Airy/Spring/Haunting
Tune code: 156666EU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up609
Duration: 3:53
BPM: Ballad
Description: Sentimental ballad – saying goodbye to the one you love unexpectedly. Getting through it with faith.
Key Words: Ballad/ Singer/ songwriter/ Acoustic/ Female/ vocals/ Spiritual/ Heaven/ Love/ Fly/Faith
Tune code: 156666HM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up611
Duration: 3:17
BPM: Slow/Ballad
Description: Bat for Lashes meets Agnes Obel in this bittersweet tale dealing with the acceptance of a relationship past saving.
Key Words: Ballad/ Singer/ songwriter/ Acoustic/ Female/Reflective/ Sad/ Bittersweet/ Pensive/ Piano/ Strings
Tune code: 157867GR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up634
Duration: 4:26
BPM: Slow/Ballad 3/4
Description: Meaningful ballad about the diamond trade.
Key Words: Melancholic / Reflective Ballad/ Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic/ Diamond Trade / Lap-Steel /Country/Passionate/ Purpose
Tune code: 174427EQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up675
BPM: 91
Description: This track is chilled and melancholy with thought provoking lyrics that set the mood and ambience, with a catchy yet sad hook for the chorus. Urban vibe.
Key Words: Chillout / Triphop/ Haunting/ Atmospheric /Melancholy/ Heartfelt/ Dreamy /Sentimental/ Mellow /Lyrical
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up801