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Track Name: Like Clockwork
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 120
Description: Slap bass played with a groovy/driving drums.
Keywords: 1980s/ medium/ edgy/ action/ drama/ catchy/ groovy/ retro/ driving Alembic Omega bass
Tune code:250499DQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1571
Track Name: Engine Running – solo
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:32
BPM: 90
Description:Solo punchy bass in a 70s groovy vein. Also available as a full track see Engine Running Pop-up1556
Keywords: Medium/ playful/ chase/ underscore/ Punchy/ hard/ superfly/ groovy/ cool/ 70s/NYC
Tune code:250499DU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1557
Track Name: Engine Running
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:32
BPM: 90
Description: Funky track with a driving bass as the lead backed with drums and percussion.
Keywords: Medium/ playful/ chase/ underscore/ Funky/ Driving/ crime/ cool/70s
Tune code: 250499DT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1556
Track Name: Mid-Town
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 85
Description: Funky badass bass with conga and triangle backing – think USA 70s cops
Keywords: Medium/ punchy/ drama/ suspense /tense/cool/70’s/action/crime/brooding/cops
Tune code: 250499DV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1561
Track Name: Tranquility Bass
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 2:13
BPM: 110
DescriptionCool jazzy bass harmonic as lead – drums on brushes and percussion.
Keywords: 1980s/ medium/ drama/ haunting/ suspense/ dark/ bass harmonics/detective/crime
Tune code: 250499DW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1573
Track Name: Funky Pants
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:29
BPM: 95
DescriptionSoulful track with the bass as the lead – super groovy in the vein of Motown.
Keywords: Medium/ 1970s/ light/ action/ catchy/ Motown/ Dallas Tuxedo bass/ happy/ groovy/retro
Tune code: 250499EM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1573
Track Name: Fast and Furious
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 100
Description: Jazz fusion track lead by fretless bass and backed by synths –  suspenseful mood.
Keywords: 1980s/1970s/ fast/ thriller/ suspense/ dark/ jazz/ Fender fretless bass/ bass-synth/ chase/ on-the-run/ futuristic/ space
Tune code: 250499EN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1574
Track Name: Three Bass Riff
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 95
Description: Solo bass riff played with 3 basses Double Bass, Alembic and Tuxedo.
Keywords:1970s/ bass/ Medium/ reflective/ uplifting/ rock/ Double Bass, Alembic, Tuxedo
Tune code: 250499DR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1568
Track Name: Three Bass Full
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 95
Description: 1970’s tune with a west coast USA vibe. Also available Solo basses see Three Bass Riff Pop-up1568
Keywords: 1970s/ bass/ Medium/ reflective/ uplifting/ rock/ USA/ Surf
Tune code: 250499DS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1552
Track Name: Night Surfing
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:29
BPM: 105
Description: Futuristic tune with drums bass and bass-synth.
Keywords: 1980s/ medium/ punchy/ drama/ haunting/ suspense/ bass-synthesiser/ tech/ future/ night/ streets
Tune code: 250499FP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1569
Track Name: Open Highway
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:41
BPM: 95
Description: Smooth groovy underscore with an ambient atmosphere.
Keywords: Medium/ drama/ action/ ambient/ underscore/ tech
Tune code: 250499FQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1553
Track Name: Just Relax
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:29
BPM: 117
Description: Fretless bass lead tune with a romantic and relaxing vibe.
Keywords: Slow/ soft/ love story/ romantic/ tender/ Fender fretless bass
Tune code: 250499FR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1555
Track Name: Night Patrol
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 95
Description: Cool jazz with a late night bar atmosphere.
Keywords: Cool/ Blues/ smooth/ jazzy/ night/ smoky/ crime/ noir
Tune code: 250499FU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1594
Track Name: Funky Town
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 90
Description: Superbad funky bass tune with slap bass, drums and clav.
Keywords: 1980s/medium/ drama/ builds/ catchy/ funk/ Alembic Omega bass/ Slap bass/ Funky/ Cool/ Crime
Tune code: 250499FV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1595
Track Name: Sports Day
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 90
Description: Fun driving tune with optimistic vibe.
Keywords: Fast/ punchy/ action/ drama/ uplifting/ tympani/ Hammond organ/ happy/ fun/ groovy/ adventure/ action/ winning
Tune code: 250499GM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1597
Track Name: The Reckoning
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 90
Description: 1970’s style theme tune with suspense and a build
Keywords: Upbeat/ 1970s/ drama/ suspense/ tense/ double bass/ piano/ retro/ build/ nostalgic
Tune code: 250499GN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1599
Track Name: Relentless
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 3:20
BPM: 155
Description: Relentless bass loop with multiple bass guitars and synths; including double bass and Alembic Omega bass – backed with a contemporary beat and even a 12 string guitar.
Keywords:Relentless/ Unforgiving/ intense/  driving/ groovy/ hard/ beat/ 12 string
Tune code: 250499GS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1616
Track Name: Quincy
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 1:10
Description: Smooth Slap Bass track.
Keywords: Smooth/ Relaxed/ Slap Bass/  driving/ groovy/ Chilled/ 80s/ Lounge
Tune code: 263778DV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1747
Track Name: Jet And Tony
Artist: Mo Foster
Description: Funky instrumental with a lead guitar and driving beat.
Keywords: Driving/ Funky/ Bluesy/Positive
Tune code: 272108GV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1805