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Beds 2 (HK)

Duration: 5:19
BPM: 60
Description: Orchestral with a soulful backing. With a jazzy middle section.
​Key Words: Flowing, Light, Orchestration
Tune code: 136369AV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up038
BPM: 114
Description: Indie /folk vibe.
​Key Words: Cute,Playful, Accordion, Childhood.
Tune code: 133973LU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up105
BPM: 145
Description: Indie Rock.
​Key Words: Uplifting,Encouragement.
Tune code: 133973LV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up075 
Duration: 1:26
Description: Up-tempo track with sounds of Africa, drums, voices.
​Key Words: Dark, Running, Scared, Wild.
Tune code: 136442GV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up099
Duration: 1:25
BPM: 95
Description: Electric guitar-led  instrumental groove with vocal samples.
​Key Words: Chilled, Bizarre.
Tune code: 136442GW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up100
Duration: 1:12
BPM: 95
Description: Instrumental with piano and acoustic guitar
​Key Words: Chilled/Warm/Lost/Mello/Friends/Companion/Longing
Tune code: 142330DV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up253
Duration: 1:00
BPM: 84
Description: Reflective and hopeful piano- based track with male vocal
​Key Words: reflective,hopeful,piano,male vocal,charming,inspirational,calming,
Tune code: 155000GQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up546
Duration: 4:57
Description: Electro vibe with Moroccan chill out influence.
​Key Words: Chilled, Strings, reflective,hopeful,
Tune code: 176193HU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up646