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Track Name: Union Street Instrumental
Artist: T.Mandrake
Duration: 5:19
BPM: 60
Description: Orchestral with a soulful backing. With a jazzy middle section.
Key Words: Flowing/ Light/ Orchestration
Tune code: 136369AV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up038
Track Name: Jumping Fences Instrumental
Artist: Kangaroo
Duration: 3:55
BPM: 114
Description: Indie /folk vibe.
Key Words: Cute/ Playful/ Accordion/ Childhood.
Tune code133973LU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up105
Track Name: Pulling Out Pins instrumental
Artist: Kangaroo
Duration: 3:26
BPM: 145
Description: Indie Rock.
Key Words: Uplifting/ Encouragement
Tune code: 133973LV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up075 
Track Name: Drivin’
Artist: Eric Legnini
Duration: 1:10
BPM: 122
Description: Drums, synths, echoey guitars, electronic
Key Words:  Jazz/ Drums/ Modern / Synths
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1281
Track Name: Play Mute
Artist: Eric Legnini
Duration: 3:46
BPM: 122
Description: Compressed piano, synths, drum track. Simple, strong chord progression
Key Words:  Jazz/ Drums/ Modern / Synths
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1282
Track Name: Come On
Artist: Moogoo
Duration: 4:11
BPM: 84
Description: Hip-hop tinged groove. drums, electric piano, bass, synths and strings
Key Words:  Jazz/ Drums/ Synths
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1268
Track Name: Get It
Artist: Moogoo
Duration: 3:36
BPM: 84
Description: Hip-hop tinged groove. drums, electric piano, bass, synths and strings
Key Words:  Jazz/ Drums/ Synths
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1269
Track Name: 1988
Artist: Sidony Box
Duration: 4:51
BPM: 62
Description: Washes of guitar and sax with a hymnal vibe
Key Words:  Guitar/ Sax
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1306
Track Name: Wizard
Artist: Peter Nostrand
Duration: 1:43
Description:Expansive, gently majestic orchestral track – Orchestral works recorded by Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
Key Words: Eerie/Haunting/Pensive/Longing/Emotive/Cold/Chilling/Mysterious/Dark/Night
Tune code: 182137DN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up735
Track Name: Falling
Artist: Petr Nostrand
Duration: 2:06
DescriptionOrchestral works recorded by Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra
Key Words: Orchestral/Symphonic/Cinematic/Sentimental/Epic/Lively/Action/ Whimsical/Strings
Tune code152600CP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up477
Track Name: 2nd Time Around
Duration: 4:52
Description: Spaghetti Western guitar instrumental with a Hip Hop Beat.
Key Words: Spaghetti/  Weston/ Sixties/ Gangster/ Movies/ Desert/ Cowboy.
Tune code: 156394GM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up605
Track Name: Moonshine Me
Artist: Eric Butterfield
BPM: 90
Description: Blue grass tune with a Hip Hop groove.
Key words: Blue Grass/  Groove/ Hot/ Hip Hop/ Mash-up
Tune code: 156493AR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up607
Track Name: Smile
Artist: Manu Katche
Duration: 5:59
Description: Drums, acoustic guitar,bass. Road movie groove, bluesy guitar, vocal snippets, organ
Key Words:  Jazz/ Drums/ Modern / Trumpet
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1274 
Track Name: Win Or Lose
Artist: The Element
Duration: 6:28
Description:Instrumental hip hop early DJ Shadow influenced track
Key Words: Piano chords / slow / dark / moody / 808
Tune code273456FN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1871 
Track Name: The Fires Gone Out
Artist: The Pair
Description: Dramatic soulful instrumental with a light but powerful mood.
​Key Words: Light/ Dramatic/ Concerning/ Power/ Regal/ Soulful/ Vibes
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up687
Track Name: Trust me Instrumental
Artist: The Pair
Description: Warm deep piano lead ballad instrumental with a sentimental feeling.
​Key Words: Warm/Slow/Weighty/Brooding/ Strings / Piano/ Sentimental / Air / Light
Catalogue Number: Pop-up686

Track Name: Over My Head Instrumental
Artist: The Pair
BPM: 100
Description:Driving piano lead ballad instrumental with a melancholic vibe.
​Key Words: Driven/homestead/Soulful/warm/together/ Melancholic
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up684

Track Name: Fall Instrumental
Artist: The Pair
Description:Soulful instrumental with tasteful strings, bells and vibes with an epic chorus.
Key Words: Driven/Meaningful/Soulful/Warm/together/ Epic / Grand / Open
Tune code
Catalogue Number: Pop-up689

Track Name: Shadows In My Mind Instrumental
Artist: The Pair
Description:Grand soulful instrumental with a waltz swing groove.
​Key Words: Waltz/ Mysterious/ Driven/Meaningful/Soulful/ Epic / Grand / Open / Piano/ Strings
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up683
Track Name: Moon Magic ( Chandra) Part 2
Artist: Stevin McNamara
Duration: 6:15
BPM: 115 bpm
Description: Instrumental – acoustic Guitar and world percussion
Key Words: World, Acoustic Guitar, Yoga, Relaxation, Contemplation, Romantic , India, Raga
Tune code283511DN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up3012