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Bossa Nova


Track Name: Banna Boat Mambo
Artist: The Melatauns
Duration: 3:06
Description: Latin mambo instrumental with a Bossa vibe
Keywords: Mambo/Bossa/Smooth/Lounge/Sexy/Fun/Happy/Horns/Guitars/Uplifting/toe tapping/Laid-back/Cheese/Brass/Swing/ Groovy
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1503
Track Name: Canta
Artist: Fran Chico Benitez
Duration: 4:55
BPM: 103
Description: Bossa Nova with guitar, flute and male voice.
Key Words: Bossa Nova/Feel good/Sunny/Pool/Dancing/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/Rio/Samba/Steps/Strings/Sexy/Bouncy/Flute/Birds/Human/Percussion
Tune code:  145644HP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up362 
Track Name: The Green Flash
Artist: John Finbury
Duration: 4:01
BPM: 120
Description: Lounge Bossa Nova jazz instrumental
Key Words: Bossa Nova/Instrumental/Spanish Guitar/Brazilian Jazz/Saudade
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up587 
Track Name: My Old Friend
Artist: John Finbury
Duration: 5:10
BPM: 130
Description:Lounge Bossa Nova jazz instrumental – Guitar and Piano
Key Words: Bossa Nova/Instrumental/Piano/Brazilian Jazz/Saudade
Tune code: 179642DN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up590 
Track Name: Samba Dan
Artist: John Finbury
Duration: 7:00
BPM: 80
Description:Lounge Bossa Nova jazz instrumental – Guitar lead.
Key Words: Bossa Nova/Instrumental/Piano/Brazilian Jazz/Saudade/Gentle
Tune code: 179642CW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up593 
Track Name: A Charma Verde
Artist: John Finbury
Duration: 4:15
BPM: 118
Description: Lounge Bossa Nova jazz instrumental – female jazz vocal.
Key Words: Bossa Nova/Instrumental/Piano/Brazilian Jazz/Saudade
Tune code: 179642CT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up589 
Track Name: Summer Daydream
Artist: Hank Bones
Duration: 3:29
BPM: slow
Description: Summery Bossa Nova – male jazz vocal.
Key Words: Bossa Nova/ Summer/ Light/Piano/Brazilian Jazz/Saudade
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1888