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Bright Lights

Duration: 4:46
BPM: 97
Description: Indie electro track – A driving yet chill youthful summertime track with big glaring synths and a 4 on the floor groove. Emotional lyrics tinged with hope and heartbreak.
Key Words: Electro, Indie, Pop, 80s, Bass, Uplifting, Drum machine, Synths, Summer, Sunny, Upbeat, Epic, Youthful, Hearbreak, Hopeful, Rebellious
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Catalogue Number: Pop-up495
√ Instrumental available on request.
Duration: 3:52
BPM: 105
Description:A blend of 80s feel with a big beat and modern choppy vocals creating interesting and floating melodic phrases. Eclectic and uplifting with youthful, uninhibited, and inspiring energy. .
Key Words: 80s /Modern Electronic/ Youthful/ Love Sick/ Longing/ Upbeat/ Building/ Hopeful/ Chopped Vocals/Poppy/Synths
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Catalogue Number: Pop-up496
Duration: 4:06
BPM: 80
Description: A modern blend of electronic and hip hop/rnb. Longing and introspective vocals lead into floating synths and big hip hop beats and breaks.
Key Words: Longing, Love Sick, Modern Electronica, RnB, Floaty, Assertive, Sexy, Introspective
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Catalogue Number: Pop-up497
Duration: 3:05
BPM: 80
Description: A modern blend of electronica and hip hop with dreamy and spacey synths glued together with big hip hop drums. Chopped vocal phrases repeat like a swelling atmospheric lush dream wave.
Key Words: Chill, Downtempo, Washy, Introspective, Dreamy, Reflective, Big Beat
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Catalogue Number: Pop-up498
Duration: 3:00
BPM: 135
Description: A dark driving techno beat sits underneath the bed of swirling synths and repeating longing vocals.
Key Words: Driving, Dark, Longing, Love Sick, Upbeat, Techno, Building
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Catalogue Number: Pop-up499
Duration: 4:11
Description: Grooving dance tinged track about heart break
Key Words: Heart break, Dance, Dark, Longing, Love Sick, Upbeat, Techno, Electro.
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up500