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Duration: 2:56
BPM: 154
Description: Angry rocker big guitar riffs. Massive hooky chorus.
​Key Words: Angry, Satisfaction.
In the vein of: Longpigs, Ash.
Tune code:133872HV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up017
Duration: 2:59
BPM: 108
Description: Melodic Brit Pop rocker big guitars.
In the vein of: Longpigs, Ash, Bluetones.
​Key Words: Elevator, Optimistic .
Tune code:133872HS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up018
Duration: 2:56
BPM: 154
Description: Guitar driven with big poppy chorus at 2:09 Beatles styles instrumental with an intense climax.
​Key Words: Believing, Understanding, Relationships.
In The vein of: Longpigs, Super Grass, Beatles.
Tune code: 133872HR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up059


Duration: 4:27
Description: Indie/Rock ballad
​Key Words: Optimistic/ Love/ Understanding/Relationships.
Tune code:133872HT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up016