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British Invasion

Track: Ani’t That Just fine
Artist: The Fore
Duration: 2:50
BPM: 109
Description: British Invasion retro swing 60’s Pop, Up-tempo with male vocals
Key Words: Fun/1960’s/Male vocals
Tune code: 222811AR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up934
Track: Have Me Back Again
Artist: The Fore
Duration: 1:59
BPM: 155
Description: Hopeful and Love song because of missing a girl
Key Words: Hope/1960’s/Male vocals
Tune code: 222811AS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up935
Track: I Got A Girl
Artist: The Fore
Duration: 1:53
BPM: 116
Description: Love song with positive and energetic vibes
Key Words: Fun/1960’s/Male vocals
Tune code: 222811AT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up936
Track:  I Want To Be With You
Artist: The Fore
Duration: 2:01
BPM: 145
Description: Regretful song talking about the love for a girl
Key Words: Regret/Hope/Male vocals/1960’s
Tune code: 222811AU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up937
Track: If I Show You Love
Artist: The Fore
Duration: 2:01
BPM: 67
Description: Love song with slow tempo, sad emotions
Key Words: Hope/Slow/1960’s/Love
Tune code: 222811AV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up938
Track: It’s You Girl
Artist: The Fore
BPM: 160
Description: Love song with male vocals qith playful back vocals
Key Words: Fun/1960’s/Male vocals
Tune code: 222811AW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up939
Track: Leave Me Alone
Artist: The Fore
Duration: 2:12
BPM: 170
Description: Up.tempo with regretful vibes
Key Words: Fun/1960’s/Male vocals/ Regret
Tune code: 222811BM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up940
Track: Little Louisa
Artist: The Fore
Duration: 2:49
BPM: 165
Description: Retro swing 60’s Pop song by male vocals talking about a girl
Key Words: 1960’s/ Male vocals/  Love
Tune code: 222811BN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up941
Track:  Love For Sale
Artist: The Fore
Duration: 2:30
BPM: 135
Description: Energetic and sad vibes by male vocals
Key Words: 1960’s/ Male vocals/ Sad/ Love
Tune code: 222811BP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up942
Track: Please Tell Me Why
Artist: The Fore
Duration: 1:51
BPM: 170
Description: Up-tempo song with sad meolody and lyrics by mal vocals
Key Words: Fun/ 1960’s/ Male vocals
Tune code: 222811BQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up943
Track: Tell Your Friends
Artist: The Fore
Duration: 2:52
BPM: 180
Description: Love retro swing 60’s Pop song
Key Words: Fun/ 1960’s/ Male vocals
Tune code: 222811BR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up944