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Bubble Gum Pop


Track Name: Forever Alone
Artist: The Jellybeans
Duration: 4:58
BPM: 120
Description: This bubble Gum Pop ditty is from girl (High School group) The Jellybeans.
Key Words: Alone/Boys/Schools/Sad/35/High School/Motown/1960’s/Bumble Gum/Night/Relationships/Forever
Tune code: 148551FP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up365 
Track Name: Forget it
Artist: Buddy Ross & His Pals
Duration: 2:29
Description: Poppy bubbel gum original 60s track.
Key Words: 60’s/ Bubble Gum/ Retro/ Emotion
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up2072
Track Name: Candy Apple Red
Artist: Muck & The Mires
Duration: 6:43
BPM: 94
Description: Summer Pop track with a 1960 back-beat.
Key Words: Summer/ Cute/ Girl Boy/ Love/1960/1970.
Tune code: 146172DR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up366 
Track Name: Cindy Won’t Rollerskate
Artist: Bill Acuña & The Despotic Hall of Fame
Duration: 3:23
BPM: 138
Description: light-hearted homage to early 80s pop. Inspired by Rick Springfield and Eddie & the Cruisers (aka John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band). tongue-in-cheek song about a fictional character named Cindy
Keywords: 80’s nostalgia/ Retro/ Driven/ pop/ rock /uplifting /inspirational/Fun/American/USA
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1479 
Track Name: Summer Looks Good On You
Artist: Rich Chambers
Duration: 2:36
BPM: 165
Description: Pure 1960’s Bubble Gum Pop
Key WordsSummer/ Cute/ Girl Boy/ Love/1960/1970.
Tune code: 147000BS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up399 
Track Name: If He Only Know
Artist:  The Jellybeans
Duration: 04:09
BPM: 140
Description: Playful Female vocals with up-tempo rhythm
Key Words: Wishing/ Dreaming/ Up-tempo/1960’s/Bumble Gum/Relationships/Fantasy
Tune code: 174972KV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up461 
Track Name: Look At Us Now
Artist:  The Jellybeans
Duration: 03:15
BPM: 128
Description: Female vocals with dreamy lyrics expressing achievement in a up-tempo song
Key Words: Graduation/ Positive/ Uplifting/ Celebratory/Now/ Dreaming/ Up-tempo/ 1960’s/ Bubble Gum/ Relationships/ Romantic comedy/ Comedy/ Yearning/ Lust/ Fantasy.
Tune code174972KW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up462 
Track Name: How Do I Walk
Artist:  The Jellybeans
Duration: 04:13
BPM: 93
Description: This bubble Gum Pop from girl (High School group) The Jellybeans. Good-bye and Sad atmosphere – Teen problems.
Key Words: Wistful/ Resigned/ Sad/ Good-bye/ Longing/ Romantic/ Young/ Love
Tune code174972LM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up465 
Track Name: Baby Now You’re Gonna Be Mine
Artist: Harley Toberman
Duration: 3:35
BPM: 147
Description: The 1960’s characteristic sounds with male vocals  – Recorded in the USA 1964 – Instrumental
Key Words: Surf/ Fun/ Summer/ USA/ 1960’s/ Happy/ Teenagers
Tune code:154366LW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up508 
Track Name: Baby Now Your Gonna Be Mine
Artist:  Harley Toberman
Duration: 4:31
BPM: 147
Description The 1960’s characteristic sounds with male vocals  – Recorded in the USA 1964
Key Words: Surf/ Fun/ Summer/ USA/ 1960’s/ Happy/ Teenagers
Tune code: 154367AM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up509 
Track Name: Brand New Boots
Artist:  Harley Toberman
Duration: 3:55
BPM: 137
Description Recorded in the USA 1964 – Song about new boots
Key Words: Boots/ Sixties/ Fashion/ Cool/ Rain
Tune code: 154367AN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up510 
Track Name: You Go Away
Artist:  Harley Toberman
Duration: 3:55
BPM: 67
Description Sad song talking about a girl leaving and coming back, regret and love
Key Words: Kiss/ Love/ Tambourine/ Sixties/ Organ
Tune code: 154367AP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up511 
Track Name: You Never Said Hello
Artist:  Harley Toberman
Duration: 3:55
BPM: 80
Description: Song with 1960’s vibes, talking about love and relationships
Key Words: Sixties/ Organ/ Regret/ Bitterness/ Relationships
Tune code: 154367AQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up512 
Track Name: Got My Back
Artist: Dani Poppitt
Duration: 2:45
BPM: 145
DescriptionHigh energy Pop song, electronic. Claps included! Hopeful and sweet.
Key Words: Pop/ Catchy/ 80s/ Upbeat/ Bubblegum/ Commercial/  Fun/ Party
Tune code:159763LP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up659 
Track Name: I’m Too Good For You
Artist: Bri
Duration: 2:58
BPM: 126
Description: Up beat retro sounding Pop track with a 50’s vibe
Key Words: Pop/ Catchy/Retro/Rockabilly/Pop/50’s/ Bubblegum/ Commercial/  Fun/ Party/ Relationships/ Brass
Tune code: 235063LW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1468 
Track Name: Jelly Donuts
Artist: The Melatauns
Duration: 3:08
BPM: 110-120
Description: 50’s Doo Wop style about donuts and love
Key Words: Doo Wop/Pop/ Catchy/Retro/Pop/50’s/ Bubblegum/ Relationships/ donuts/ Sax/Guitars/Greasers/ Kisses
Tune code: 271650CN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1852