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Cinematic Pop


Track Name: Inspired Copper
Artist: Marc Robillard
Description: Orchestral Pop instrumental that builds
Key Words: Pop/Percussive/Drums/String/Orchestral/Building/Exciting
Tune code: 142330BP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up227
Track Name: Let me Fly
Artsist: Marc Robillard
Duration: 1:53
BPM: 116
Description: Epic piano driven orchestral Pop instrumental with melodic vocals.
Key Words: Epic/Piano/Driven/Orchestral/Pop/Instrumental/Male Vocal/Inspiring/Flying
Tune code: 142330BR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up229
Track Name: Surge Power
Artist: Marc Robillard
Duration: 1:29
BPM: 123
Description: Massive orchestral Pop instrumental with big drums and heroic orchestration.
Key Words: Epic/Piano/Driven/Orchestral/Pop/Instrumental/Male Vocal/Inspiring/Heroic/Moving/Power/Strength
Tune code:142330BU 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up232
Track Name: The Champion
Artist: Marc Robillard
Duration: 1:48
BPM: 98
Description: Light Poppy instrumental with delicate strings.
Key Words: Piano/Light/Orchestral/Pop/Instrumental/Male Vocal/Inspiring/Heroic/Moving/Fun/Positive
Tune code: 142330BV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up233
Track Name: Emotion Rising
Artist: Marc Robillard
Duration: 1:51
BPM: 123
Description: Builds into a big driving male vocals of optimism.
Key Words: Piano/Light/Orchestral/Pop/Instrumental/Male Vocal/Inspiring/Heroic/Moving/Fun/Positive
Tune code: 142330DW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up254
Track Name: The Year of the Horse
Artist: Marc Robillard and Mark Garfield
Duration: 3:25
BPM: 70
Description: Electro pop that builds into a big driving orchestral outro. The track has an oriental theme throughout.
Key Words: Eletro/Orchestral/Pop/Instrumental/Oriental/Inspiring/Heroic/Moving/Fun/Positive/Bikes/China
Tune code: 142260LW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up237
Track Name: Mirror
Artist: Garry Cosgroove
Duration: 2:51
BPM: 120
Description: Rock driven orchestral pop with different moods and textures
Key Words: Rock/Orchestral/Pop/Instrumental/Oriental/Inspiring/Heroic/Moving/Fun/Positive/Driving/Strings
Tune code: 143748LM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up320