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Track Name: Gypsies Kiss
Artist: Garce In Danger
Duration: 3:37
BPM: 94
Description: Hair Rock! Big guitars, drums, vocals and solos.
Key Words: Rock/ Driving/ Uplifting/ Heavy/ Fun/ Girls
Tune code: 7317958E
Catalogue Number: Pop-up067
Track Name: Crazy In The Summer
Artist:  Grace In Danger
Duration: 4:24
BPM: 90
Description: Summer rock anthem
Key Words: Summer/ Girls/ Fun/ The Beach/Epic.
Tune code: 7317962L
Catalogue Number: Pop-up008
Track Name: Secret Love
Artist:  Garce In Danger
Duration: 3:40
BPM: 96
Description: Groovy de-tuned rocker.
Key Words: Secret love/ Driving/ Heavy/ Rock
Tune code: 7317968V
Catalogue Number: Pop-up069
Track Name: Emily Said
Artist:  Garce In Danger
Duration: 4:34
BPM: 60
Description:Power Ballad/ Love song in rock style
Key Words: Love Song/ Relationships/ Lust/ Romance
Tune code: 7317950T
Catalogue Number: Pop-up014
Track Name: Trouble
Artist:  Garce In Danger
Duration: 3:35
BPM: 65
Description: Powerful, big riffs epic backing vocals and guitar solo.
Key Words: Trouble, Money.
Tune code024303FS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up071
Track Name: Grace In Danger
Artist:  Garce In Danger
Duration: 3:59
BPM: 200
Description: Fast Rock track with machine guns!
Key Words: Heavy, Rocking.
Tune code: 7317967T
Catalogue Number: Pop-up072
Track Name:
Artist:  Garce In Danger
Duration: 3:59
Description: Pop/Rock FM radio track big backing vocals.
​Key Words: Higher, Happy, Fun, Love, Rocking, FM radio.
Tune code: 3036785N
Catalogue Number: Pop-up073
Track Name: Boom Town
Artist:  Garce In Danger
Duration: 3:34
Description: Pop/Rock FM radio track big chorus.
​Key Words: Boom Town/ Changes.
Tune code: 7317939A
Catalogue Number: Pop-up077
Track Name: Rescue Me
Artist:  Garce In Danger
Duration: 3:33
BPM: 140
Description: Pop/Rock FM radio track big chorus.
Key Words: Driving/ Uplifting/ Help/ Rescue/ Changes/ Relationships/ Heavy
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up070