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Country Pop


Track Name: I Need A day
Artist: Edwin Leavitt
Duration: 3:23
BPM: 100
Description: A girl just needs a day to herself! Country Pop
Key Words: Country/Pop/Hopeful/Carefree/Bouncy/ Upbeat/ Energetic/ Alt-Country/Emotional/ Banjo/Driving/USA
Tune code262902LM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1424
Track Name: Here’s To Livin’ The Good Life
Artist: Sabrina Whyatt
Duration: 3:22
Description:  Country with uplifting positive lyrically message. Written as a personal life anthem.
Key Words:  Uplifting/ Positive/Love/ Heart/ Warming/ Jolly/ Life
Tune code: 230287LV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1432 
Track Name: Arm In Arm
Artist:  Pilotwave
Duration: 3:32
BPM: 168
Description: Up beat indie/pop folky track
Key Words:  Love/ Heart/ Warming/ Jolly/ Banjo/ Embrace
Tune code: 159439EW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up645 
Track Name: What’ll It Take
Artist:  Sabrina Whyatt
Duration: 4:16
Description: Country with uplifting positive lyrically message. Written as a personal life anthem.
Key Words:  Country/Inspirational/Empowerment/Positive/Uplifting
Tune code: 230287LW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1431 
Track Name: Move Me
Artist:  Andi Rae Healy & The Back River Bullies
Duration: 3:24
BPM: 200
Description: Alternative Country – Fun and upbeat track featuring strong female vocals about never settling and living life to the fullest.
Key Words: Fun/ Party/ Americana/ Acoustic/ Alternative Country/ Honky-tonk/ Alt-Country/ Adventurous/ Upbeat/ Female Vocal/ Mandolin/ Moving/ Roaming
Tune code188284LN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1020 
Track Name: Take It Home
Artist: Nate Currin
Duration: 3:47
BPM: 88
Description: Upbeat Folksy, Americana tune about living life and going home
Key Words: Home/ Folk/ Heaven/ Guitar/ Roads/ Wind/ Ghosts/ Alone/ Kansas
Tune code: 155671CT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up558 
Track Name: We Don’t Paint The Town
Artist: Daniel Schwarz – KD
Duration: 3:00
BPM: 94
Description: Acoustic Alternative Country
Key Words: Fun/ Party/ Country/ Red/ Paint/ Drinking/ Drunk/ Whisky, Americana/ Acoustic/ Alternative Country
Tune code: 188174CU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1000 
Track Name: Behind Closed Doors
Artist: Kimberly Frierson
Duration: 4:28
Description: Emotional ballad with a country style backing
Keywords: Heart break/Emotional/ Dreamy/Hopeless Love/Inspirational/ Sleeping/ Warm/Break-up
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1512
Track Name: Here I Go
Artist: Sabrina Whyatt
Duration: 3:49
BPM: Fluctuates – up-tempo
Description: Upbeat Rock/Country Electric, with empowering lyrics
Keywords: Empowerment/ Uplifting/ Rock/ Country/ Inspirational/ Electric/ Upbeat
Tune code: 262902KW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1522
Track Name: Tightrope
Artist: Leah Burkey
Duration: 3:12
BPM: 83
Description: A unique, country sound with roots in blues.
Keywords: Empowerment/ Uplifting/ Rock/ Country/ Inspirational/ Pop Country / Female / Tightrope
Tune code: 283995AS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up3035