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Track Name: Don’t Stop Me Now
Artist: Victoria Celestine
Duration: 4:00
Description: Stunningly imaginative version of the Queen classic
Keywords: Covers / Queen / Rock
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1524
Track Name: Moon River
Artist: Rachel Tulane
Duration: 2:55
BPM: 110
Description: Acoustic interpretation of the classic Moon River with guitar and string accompaniment and meandering piano
Keywords: Mancini / warm
Catalogue Number: Pop-up2012
Track Name: Royals Pure Heroine Overdose
Artist: The Bourgeois
Description: Grunge/Alt Rock version of Lorde’s Rotals
Keywords: Heavy/ Grungy/ Powerful
Catalogue Number: Pop-up2014
Track Name: Creep
Artist: Emma Buckley
Duration: 3:43
Description: Acoustic version of the Radiohead classic creep – beautiful female vocal.
Keywords: Emotional/ light/ Fragile / Acoustic
Catalogue Number: Pop-up2017
Track Name:If You Could Read My Mind
Artist: Barbara J.
Duration: 3:54
BPM: Moderate
Description: A heartfelt rendering of a touching ballad that reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the US, and also reached number one for one week on the Billboard Easy Listening chart. by Gordon Lightfoot.
Keywords: Emotional/ light/ Fragile / Acoustic/ Melancholy/ Sincere/ Sentimental/ Easy-listening/ Personal/Reflective
Catalogue Number: Pop-up2018
Track Name: Turn The Page
Artist: D.B. Rielly
Duration: 4:57
BPM: 1:04
Description: Alt Country version of the 1970s Bob Seger hit about life on the road.
Keywords: Americana, Alternative, Outlaw, Country, traveling, driving, highway, guitars, train beat
Catalogue Number: Pop-up2036
Track Name: Eleanor Rigby
Artist: Billy Lee
Duration: 5:08
Description: Soulful funky taken on the Beatles classic
Keywords: Soulful/ Funky/ Cover
Catalogue Number: Pop-up3008