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Track Name: Grenada (instrumental)
Artist: Brothertiger
Duration: 4:27
Description: Driving yet mellow electro instrumental
Key Words: Driving/Chilled/ Synths/Cool/Voices/Smooth/Relaxed/Moving/Street/Drums/Beat/Groove
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1415
Track Name: Another One
Artist: Matthew Kurz
Duration: 2:50
BPM: 90
DescriptionFeel good instrumental, quirky Poppy track with Folk and electro elements.
Key WordsPop/ Country/ Folk/ Acoustic/ Happy/ Quirky/ Fun
Tune code: 174427DR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up661
Track Name: I Love It
Artist: Jim Roditis
Duration: 5:30
BPM: 120
Description: Pop/Tech House/Electronica with a love /chilled ish vibe.
Key Words: Pop/Tech House/Electronica/Chilled/Club/Sunny/Love/1990’s/2000’s/funky bass
Tune code: 219345KR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up945
Track Name: Wasp
Artist: Brougham Grims
BPM: 116
DescriptionDance track to zone out to.
Key WordsElectronic/Dance/ Nu-Disco/ ExEDE/ Australia/Zone out/Bass
Tune code156353AW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up573
Track Name: Come Out
Artist: Jon Parfit
Duration: 4:46
BPM: 97
Description: Indie electro track – A driving yet chill youthful summertime track with big glaring synths and a 4 on the floor groove. Emotional lyrics tinged with hope and heartbreak.
Key Words: Electro/ Indie/ Pop/ 80s/ Bass/ Uplifting/ Drum machine/ Synths/ Summer/ Sunny/ Upbeat/ Epic/ Youthful/ Heartbreak/ Hopeful/ Rebellious
Tune code154211KP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up495
Track Name: Come Out Ins
Artist: Jon Parfit
Duration: 4:46
BPM: 97
Description: Indie electro track Instrumental.
Key Words: Electro/ Indie/ Pop/ 80s/ Bass/ Uplifting/ Drum machine/ Synths/ Summer/ Sunny/ Upbeat/ Epic/ Youthful/ Rebellious
Tune code154211KP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up2089
Track Name: In The End
Artist: Bright Lights
Duration: 3:52
BPM: 105
Description:A blend of 80s feel with a big beat and modern choppy vocals creating interesting and floating melodic phrases. Eclectic and uplifting with youthful, uninhibited, and inspiring energy. .
Key Words: 80s /Modern Electronic/ Youthful/ Lovesick/ Longing/ Upbeat/ Building/ Hopeful/ Chopped Vocals/Poppy/Synths
Tune code: 154211KQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up496
Track Name: Morning High
Artist: Bright Lights
Duration: 4:11
BPM: 80
DescriptionA modern blend of electronic and hip hop/rnb. Longing and introspective vocals lead into floating synths and big hip hop beats and breaks.
Key Words: Longing, Lovesick, Modern Electronica, RnB, Floaty, Assertive, Sexy, Introspective
Tune code: 154211KR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up497
Track Name:  Without Your Love
Artist: Bright Lights
Duration: 3:00
BPM: 135
DescriptionA dark driving techno beat sits underneath the bed of swirling synths and repeating longing vocals.
Key Words: Driving, Dark, Longing, Love Sick, Upbeat, Techno, Building
Tune code: 154211KT 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up499
Track Name: Your Heart Will Break
Artist: Bright Lights
Duration: 4:11
BPM: 125
Description: Grooving dance-tinged track about heartbreak
Key Words: Heartbreak, Dance, Dark, Longing, Lovesick, Upbeat, Techno, Electro.
Tune code154211KU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up500
Track Name: Not The First Time
Artist: Bright Lights
Duration: 3:05
BPM: 84 
Description: A modern blend of electronica and hip hop with dreamy and spacey synths glued together with big hip hop drums. Chopped vocal phrases repeat like a swelling atmospheric lush dream wave.
Key Words:Chill, Downtempo, Washy, Introspective, Dreamy, Reflective, Big Beat
Tune code154211KS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up498
Track Name: Only The Beginning
Artist: Laveau
Duration: 1:28
BPM: 120
Description: Epic fat tune – big half time drums fat synths.
Key Words: electro/ heavy synth/ techno/ epic/ edm/ club/ bass music/ electronica/  trailer music/ action scene/ commercial/Epic/ Massive
Tune code: 183657HR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up827
Track Name: Runman
Artist: Troust & Rode
Duration: 5:46
BPM: 80 
Description: 80’s synth with a futuristic driving vibe.
Key Words: electro/ techno/ electronica/  trailer music/ Old school/ electronic/ Progressive/ Future/ Moog/ Synths
Tune code: 184263KV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up836
Track Name: Spacebound
Artist: Josh Rubin
Duration: 4:50
Description: A futuristic chill track.
Key Words: Chilled/hip hop/electronic/ space/ future
Tune code: 174662LS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up644
Track Name: Velocity
Artist: Foxx
BPM: 120
Description: Starts slow and ominous then builds into a  upbeat and clubby EDM style track.
Key Words: EDM/Electronic/Techno/Driven/Hard/Heavy/ Intense/ Lost / Experimental
Tune code277498CQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1605
Track Name: Running Through The Night
Artist: Renders
Duration: 3:58
BPM: 120
Description: Electro song with a strong female vocal with a driving beat.
Key Words: Driving/Electronic/Driven/Female/ Running/ Synths
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1675
Track Name: I’m Gone
Artist: Renders
Duration: 3:58
BPM: 120
Description: Chilled Electro song with an 80s vibe
Key Words: 80s/Chilled/Electronic/Synths
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1676
Track Name: 10 Years After
Artist: A19
Duration: 5:16
Description: 80 style electronic synth track.
Key Words: 80s/Chilled/Electronic/Synths/ Driving
Tune code270560CW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1676
Track Name: Subconscious Mind
Artist: Victoria Celestine
Description: Down-beat electronica track with an epic chorus – female vocal
Key Words: Down-beat/ Epic/ Power/ Relationships/ Wobble/ Nostalgic/ Heartbreak
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1731
Track Name: Movement
Artist: JuliaxG
Duration: 3:53
Description: Down beat Electro song.
Key Words: Down-beat/ Epic/ Power/ Relationships/ Nostalgic/ Heartbreak
Tune code262902LT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1002
Artist: Thor Rixon
Duration: 3:17
BPM: 1:13
Description: Alternative electronic dance vibe with rap.
Key Words:  Alternative/ bass/ electronic/ experimental/ indie/ world music/South Africa
Tune code270560DP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1783
Track Name: We Are Fuked up
Artist: Bigmo aka Superwoman BMAS
Duration: 4:30
BPM: 130
Description: House music chopped music/vocal – explicit language
Key Words: House/ Explicit/ Alternative/ bass/ electronic/ Dance
Tune code271264EN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1816
Track Name: Coffee@Table9
Artist: Phonosapiens
Duration: 5:04
BPM: 117
Description: Aggressive Bossa nova – with a fancy vibe and scratching.
Key Words: Scratching/ Uplifting/ Bass/ Electronic/ Dance/ Fun
Tune code: 271419BN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1831
Track Name: RetroWasted
Artist: Robots With Rayguns
Duration: 3:27
BPM: 108
Description: Grungy synthpop with chopped vox and a trap style beat.
Key Words: Electro/ Retro/ Synthpop/ Sexy/ Trap/ Synthwave/  Breakbeat
Tune code: 271419CQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1837
Track Name: Gin
Artist: Southpaw
Duration: 3:27
Description: Lush arpeggios on synths, fat snare, anthem, warm track.
Key Words: Electro/ Retro/ Synthpop/ Sexy/ Warm / Lush
Tune code274282HV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1868
Track Name: Changing Of The Guard
Artist: Intrusion
Duration: 6:34
Description: Instrumental Progressive Rock – heavy analog synths with synth bass lines. Starts out with solo synths, full band comes in a 1:34. Acoustic drums, regal, and royal..Keith Emerson influenced. Melody and hook lines mimic Westminster Chimes. Fast moving synth solo at end.
Key Words: Electro/ Retro/ Over the top / Analogue
Tune code274722FT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up2030
Track Name: Where The River Flows
Artist: SALIO
Duration: 4’04”
BPM:120 (half time)
Description: Electro pop downbeat track with an emotional soulful female vocal.
Key Words: Electro/ Emotional/ Downbeat/ Pop
Tune code284946AQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up3085
Track Name: Chicken
Artist: MIs Tara
Duration: 4:45
Description: EDM fun track about Chicken
Key Words: Electro/ EDM/ Chicken/ Fun/ Humour/ Dance/ House
Tune code285127KN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up3024