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Track Name: Can’t Stop Thinking
Artist: Paul Cook
Duration: 3:00
Description:  Electronic sounding dance track, with a dub type bass line with ambient sound effects throughout. Ft female vocals mantras by Melissa Page.
Key Words: Electro/ Driving/ Beats/ Trippy/ Experimental/ Dance / Vocoda/ Intense
Tune code: 140042AM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up167
Track Name: Storming Dreadnought
Artist: Chris Cava
Duration: 2:52
BPM: 120
Description: Amazing acoustic guitar playing and ambient recording with percussive tapping techniques.
Key Words: Finger style, acoustic guitar, percussive/Upbeat/ acoustic guitar melody with percussion and tapping techniques
Tune code: 155629CN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up411
Track Name: Ljah
Artist: James Dean Claitot Feat. Bruce Charlestein
BPM: 100
Description:  A catchy upbeat experimental track  with female vocalisations.
Key Words: upbeat, funky, female vocal, indie, pop, feel good, backing track
Tune code:  157816GW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up633
Track Name: Fire In The Sky
Artist: Paul Cook
BPM: 124
Description:  House type electronic experimental track. Ft Vocals from Sade drummer Paul Cooke.
Key Words: House, Driving, Dance, Beats, Heavy, Fire, Sky, Smoke, Vocoder.
Tune code:  140042AN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up168
Track Name: I got News For You
Artist: Paul Cook
Duration: 6:46
BPM: 80
Description:  Electronic Mid tempo drum and bass groove Ft Lullaby on soulful dub type vocals from the Bronx, NYC.
Key Words: House, Driving, Dance, Beats, Heavy, News, Intense, Paranoia.
Tune code:  140042AP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up169
Track Name: I’m Her Cuba
Artist: Paul Cook
Duration: 5:58
BPM: 130
Description: Taken from the soundtrack to experimental film Goodbye Havana. Electronic driving house type track. Ft Latin Spanish folk style vocals.
​Key Words:  latin.spanish,dance,groove,house,folk
Tune code: 140042AQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up170
Track Name: Jazz Green
Artist: Paul Cook
Description: Experimental groove featuring Sade drummer Paul Cooke on drums. Electronic mixes with an ambient feel featuring childrens voices and other incidental moments.
Key Words:  Experimental, Voices, Driving, Bass, Drum Kit, Jazzy.
Tune code: 140042AR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up171
Track Name: Lemonade
Artist: Paul Cook
Duration: 6:27
BPM: 130
Description: Electronic experimental dance track. sci fi soundscape, female sample vocals ‘love is all around’
Key Words: Electronica, Experimental, Soundtrack, Trippy, Scifi, Soundscape, Hippy.
Tune code: 140042AS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up173
Track Name: Lost At Sea
Artist: Paul Cook
BPM: 120
Description:Ambient soundscape.
​Key Words: Electronica/ Ambient/ Soundscape/ Experimental
Tune code: 140041LW 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up166
Track Name: Smile Of Summer
Artist: Paul Cook
BPM: 175
Description: Drum and bass style dance track with Indian tablas, dramatic lightning intro and female hook ‘ here comes the sunshine’ ,
Key Words: Indian/ Dramatic/ Lightning/ Ibiza/ Smileys/ Summer/ Smile.

Tune code: 140042AT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up174
Track Name:  Telling Mary The Time
Artist: Paul Cook
BPM: 170
Description:Experimental electronic dance. With sound effects and big samples. African chants..Big bass synths, filmic soundscape with pauses.
Key Words: Experimental, Chants, Samples, Effects, Bass, Loops, Soundscape, Quirky.
Tune code: 140042AU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up175
Track Name: Wacky Lad
Artist: Patrick Cook
BPM: 104
Description: Spooky, humourous laboratory music
​Key Words: Experimental / Spooky /Fun / Humorous/ Children / Cartoon / Organ / Scary / Spoof /Horror
Tune code: 155000HM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up539
Track Name: Empty But For Emptiness
Artist: Siems Bennett
Duration: 6:27
BPM: 100
Description: An ambient, meditative duet for electric guitar and drums, based on gradual evolution through repetition with variation.
Key Words: Ambient/ Guitar/ Meditative /Mysterious /Cinematic/ Soundtrack/ Dreamlike/ Jam/ Free
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up730
Track Name: Endless
Artist: Mark Garfield
Description: Slow instrumental bed with massive drums and building strings and moogs climaxing to an epic wall of layered sounds.
Key Words: Epic/Drums/ Moog/ Strings/ Mellotrons/ Meandering/ Space / Air/ Vast/ Open.
Tune code: 175159DP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up690