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Track Name: The Wind And The Rain
Artist: King Orfeo
Duration: 3:08
BPM: 65
Description: Old banjo tune. Dark tale.
​Key Words: Banjo/ Old Time/ Wind and Rain/ Creepy/ Countryside/ Rivers
Tune code: 134314HS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up064
Track Name: Drunk Song
Artist: King Orfeo
Duration: 2:14
BPM: 80
Description: Scottish drinking tune.Male and Female vocals .
​Key Words: Fiddle/Traditional/Scotland/Whisky/Dancing/Party/Jig.
Tune code: 133619DV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up028
Track Name: Oxygen
Artist: Roger & Ellen
Duration: 2:14
BPM: 80
Description: Solo flute with strong and passionate with light and shade. Think scenes of nature/wildlife, mother and child, meditation or modern dance.
Key Words: Flute/Traditional/Meditative/Stirring/Nature/Countryside/ Springtime/Awakening
Tune code: 175981ET
Catalogue Number: Pop-up707
Track Name: Foggy Stumble
Artist: Matt Gray
Duration: 3:09
BPM: 170
Description: Bluegrass instrumental
​Key Words: Acoustic/Traditional/Bluegrass/Drinking/Dancing/Party/
Tune code157845CN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up636
Track Name: The Old World
Artist: King Orfeo
Description: Female vocals and guitar with fiddle.
Key Words: The Sea/Scotland/Wind/North/South/East/West/Home/
Tune code: 133619DU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up029
Track Name: Little Stones
Artist: King Orfeo
Duration: 1:44
BPM: 65
Description: Cute folk tune female vocal.
Key Words: Folk/ Cute/ Stones/ The Sea Side/ Shells/ Experimental/ Unusual
Tune code: 133619DW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up31
Track Name: The Donegal Set
Artist: King Orfeo
Duration: 3:13
BPM: Free
Description: Trad Irish folk pipes and fiddle
Key Words: Trad/ Irish /Pipes /fiddle/ Emotion
Tune code: 133619EP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up032
Track Name: Winter Bird
Artist: King Orfeo
Duration: 2:22
BPM: 124
Description: Fun energetic song – Banjo’s trumpets.
Key Words: Winter/ Birds/ Sky/ Energy
Tune code134260KT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up033
Track Name:  King Orfeo
Artist: King Orfeo
BPM: Free
Description: Sung in Norse with dulcimer accompaniment.
Key Words: Norwegian/ Female Vocal/ Haunting/ Folk
Tune code:136305BS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up034
Track Name: Nordfjordingen
Artist: King Orfeo
BPM: Free
Description: Norwegian tune played on a fiddle
Key Words: Folky/ Traditional/ Country/ Dancing/ Family/ Seasons/ Solo
Tune code: 133619ER
Catalogue Number: Pop-up035
Track Name: The Tourist
Artist: King Orfeo
BPM: 100
Description: Norwegian tune played on a fiddle
Key Words: Village/ Gypsy/ Europe/ Tourist/ Old/Quirky/ Walking
Tune code: 133619EM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up088
Track Name: Don’t Cry
Artist: Marc Robillard
BPM: 70
Description: Acoustic guitar with fiddle
Key Words: Warm/Sad/Lonely/Melancholic/Lonely/Lost
Tune code142330DU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up252
Track Name: Take Me Home
Artist: Nate Currin
Duration: 3:47
BPM: 92
Description: Upbeat Folksy, Americana tune about living life and going home
Key Words: Home/ Folk/ Heaven/ Guitar/ Roads/ Wind/ Ghosts/ Alone/ Kansas/
Tune code155671CT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up558