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Track Name: Brooklyn Funk
Duration: 0:35
BPM: 115
Description: Short contemporary funk tune with fat bass and punchy horns.
Key Words: 1970’s/Fun/Uplifting/Bass section/Funk/ Soul/ Blaxploitation/ Shaft Superfly/ Superbad/Cops/New York
Tune code: 177122ES
Catalogue Number: Pop-up727 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Cleopatra Jones
Duration: 0:40
BPM: 136
Description: Early 70’s upbeat funk – think TV Cop show,  big moustaches.
​Key Words: Funk/ Soul/ Blaxploitation/ Shaft Superfly/ Superbad/Cops/New York
Tune code: 156067LV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up467 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Future II
Artist: The Personations
Duration: 2:54
BPM: 120
Description: Funk/Soul explosion orginal recording from 1971 By Curry J Johnson Jr
Key Words: Soul/Horns/1970/ Funk/ Fly/ Cops/ New York/Drums
Tune code: 148551FN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up408 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Kung Fu Dragon
Duration: 0:32
BPM: 96
Description: Funky  retro, 70’s  synthesizer tune.
Key Words: Funk/ Retro/ 70’s/ Synthesizer/ Kung Fu
Tune code: 156067LW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up474 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Romantic Glance
Duration: 1:35
BPM: 168
Description: Short funky sexy groove, 70’s
Key Words:  Sexy/ Romanric/Cliché/ Fun/ Seventies/ Bedroom/ Funky/ Cool/ Vibe
Tune code: 155000GU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up542 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Make An Appearance
Duration: 1:01
BPM: 97
Description: Grooving TV game show theme
Key Words:  Modern/ Upbeat/ Jazzy/ Cool/ Urban/ Groovy/ Slick/ TV/ Game Show
Tune code: 155000GR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up545 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Funky Time
Duration: 5:51
BPM: 112
Description:  This Superbad tune is funk tune is peppered with funky horns, Hammond organ and bad-ass bass
Key Words: Funky/ Groovy/ 1970’s/ Dance/ Horns/ Percussion/ Time/ Cool/ Urban/ Groovy/ Slick/ TV Game Show/ Sexy/ Detective/ Cops
Tune code: 176194LQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up697 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Sing And Dance
Duration: 3:41
BPM: 120
Description:  Electro poppy track with a funky dancing vibe.
Key Words: Dance/ Fun/ Club/ Electro/ Funky/ Groovy/ Urban/ Groovy/ Slick/ TV/ Sexy/ Funk
Tune code: 183657AU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up948 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Fun Lovin’ Music Instrumental
Duration: 4:33
BPM: 125
Description: Up Beat funk with horn section, synthesizer, and guitars. Superbad!
Key Words: Dance/ Fun/ Funky/ Groovy/ Groovy/ Slick/ TV/ Sexy/ Funk/ Horn section/ Superbad/ NYC/ 70’s
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up975 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Three Straight Days
Artist: Fake Flowers Real Dirt
Duration: 4:07
BPM: 180
Description: Funky bass and drums out front, with an intro that highlights the constant foundation and solid bass lines and the energetic mixture of syncopation and pocket groove drums. Stabby tight horn lines, an extra dose of band hits, and a flute solo with video game sounding keyboard patches.
Key Words: Upbeat/funky/breakbeat/soul/jazz/pop/modern/powerful/electronic/catchy
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1264 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Walk
Artist: Waltcher Craig
Duration: 4:29
BPM: 84-88 (Fluctuates)
Description: Soul Groove (a la Bill Withers)
Key Words: Soulful/ Singer/ Blues/Soul/R&B/Groove/Funk/Empowerment/ Smooth
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1421DOWNLOAD
Track Name: At The Park
Artist: Matt Phairas
Duration: 3:02
Description: Funk/Soul explosion with male vocals and horn section – Superbad
Key Words: Funk/Soulful/ Singer/Soul/R&B/Groove/Funk/Empowerment/ Superbad/ Park/ Uplifting/Fun/Sun/1970
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1482DOWNLOAD
Track Name: At The Park Instrumental
Artist: Matt Phairas
Duration: 3:02
Description: Funk/Soul explosion with horn section – Superbad – Sax solo
Key Words: Funk/Soulful/Soul/R&B/Groove/Funk/Empowerment/ Superbad/ Park/ Uplifting/Fun/1970
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1482DOWNLOAD