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Track Name: Heal
Artist: Gravity
Duration: 4:46
BPM: 150
Description: Heavy opening guitar riff, gravely rock vocal. Epic chorus.
Key Words: Clouds/ Rain/ Emotion
Tune code: 133872KQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up002 
Track Name: The Key
Artist: Gravity
Duration: 3:12
BPM: 145
Description: Pumping bass, big guitars, heavy..
Key Words: Frustration/ Anger.
Tune code: 133872KR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up003 
Track Name: Sometimes
Artist: Gravity
Duration: 6:06
BPM: 140
Description: Heavy slow song with feed-back guitars.
Key Words: Hungover/ Dark.
Tune code: 133872KP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up004 
Track Name: Perverting The American Dream
Artist: The Bourgeois
Duration: 3:58
BPM: 100
Key Words:  Warm / Love / Melancholic / Ethereal / Future / Cities / Night / Streetlights / Groove
Tune code: 151843CP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up414 
Track Name: Hard To See
Artist: Seth Haight & Jonah Nimoy
BPM: 130
Duration: 3:24
Description: Mid-1990s Alice in Chains style hard rock – soft intro that builds into full rock
Key Words: Loud/Rock/Grunge/Guitars/Angry/90’s
Tune code: 225486EW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1256 
Track Name: After the Fall
Artist: Chemical Mojo
BPM: 98
Duration: 5:36
Description: Hard rock – de-tuned guitars, heavy groove and dual vocals -1990’s grunge style
Key Words: Heavy/Loud/Rock/Grunge/Guitars/Angry/90’s
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1526 
Track Name: Devil Cares
Artist: Dirty Falcon
BPM: 104
Duration: 2:50
Description: A ball-aching blast of dirty grunge rock!
Key Words: Heavy/Loud/Rock/Grunge/Guitars/Angry/90’s
Tune code: 262566KS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1717 
Track Name: Devil Yellow Sun
Artist: Small Town Glow
BPM: 92
Duration: 3:06
Description: Upbeat happy commercial 90’s inspired summer alternative rock song.
Key Words: Devil/ Yellow/ Sun/ Hot/ Summer/ 90’s/ indie/ Alternative/ Rock/ Fun/ Happy/ Heavy/Loud/ Grunge/Guitars/Angry/90’s
Tune code: 256476DP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1719