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Garage Rock


Track name: Buffalo
Artist: Alabama Rose
Duration: 2:49
BPM: 180
Description: Explosive rock n roll song featuring energetic female vocals, contagious harmonies and melodies.
Keywords: Fast / Rock / Guitars / Song / Indie / Loud / Rock n roll/ Surf/ Garage rock/ Vintage/Retro
Tune code: 133619CT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up4001
Track name: Out Of Reach
Duration: 3:03
BPM: 150
Description: Rocking indie song with a swagger.
Keywords: Fast / Rock / Guitars / Song / Indie / Loud / Stars / Band
Tune code: 133619CT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up042
Track name: We Roll
Duration: 3:17
BPM: 116
Description: Rolling grooving riff, funky in its delivery.
Keywords: Fast / Rock / Guitars / Song / Indie / Loud / Band
Tune code: 133619CU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up043
Track name: Pleasure
Duration: 3:18
BPM: 135
Description: Danceable rocker.
Tune code133619CV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up044
Track name: At The End Of The Night
Duration: 3:19
BPM: 140
Description: Guitars in the vein of the Rolling Stones.
Key Words: Rock n Roll
Tune code: 133619CW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up045
Track name: Shanghai
Duration: 3:18
BPM: 134
Description: Dirty Rock n Roll song drug-induced.
Key Words: Dark, Seedy, Party, messed-up.
Tune code: 133619DM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up046
Track name: Farewell to the Fairy Goodbye to the Ghost
Duration: 2:38
Description: Contemporary fast, cool, sexy garage rock track.
Key Wordsguitar, distortion, solo, backing vocals, dancing, fast tempo, fast beats, percussion, energy, Powerful.
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up638
Track name: Girlfriend
Duration: 4:34
Description:Garage rock track with a female vocal about a difficult but sometimes rewarding relationship that can’t easily be categorized or labeled. Inspired by a cracked out boyfriend with a lot of secrets.
Key Words: garage rock, post punk, female vocals
Tune code: 277940FU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up2032
Track name: Doreen
Duration: 2:21
Description: Retro garage rock 60s vibe
Key Words: garage rock, 60s, Retro
Tune code: 284203DW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up3068
Track name: Gone Gone Gone
Artist: Muck & The Mires
Duration: 2:02
Description: Big riff retro garage rock 60s vibe
Key Words: garage rock, 60s, Retro, Energy
Tune code: 284203EN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up3070