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Gypsy Cabaret (HK)

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Duration: 3:19
BPM: 140
Description: Sung in Spanish with a sing-along chorus evoking a village square jovial atmosphire.
In the vein of: Abba, Manu Choa.
​Key Words: Celebration, sing-a-long, Spain, Family.
Tune code: 174427DT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up665
Duration: 3:22
BPM: 135
Description: Haunting gypsy backing vocals supported by full band including banjo.
Sung in French and English.
In the vein of: Surge Gainsbourg, Yves Montand, Astrud Gilberto.
​Key Words: Deadly Famme Fatale
Tune code: 174427DW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up666
Duration: 3:22
BPM: 94
Description: Spagetti weston style guitars supported by latin percussion and world
instruments. Sung in Spainish
In the vein of: Manu Chao
​Key Words: Mariachi, World music.
Tune code: 174427EN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up667
Duration: 4:33
BPM: 135
Description: Groovy French acoustic song with a jazzy outro section.
In the vein of: Surge Gainsbourg, Manu Chao
​Key Words: Sing-a-long, World, French, Fun
Tune code: 174427DV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up668
Duration: 3:19
BPM: 140
Description: French 1960’s sounding cute female backing vocals supported by a latin rhythm. Think sunglass wearing girl in a
polka-dot dress ridding a scooter down a busy narrow street
​Key Words: Surge Gainsbourg, Yves Montand, Astrud Gilberto.
Tune code: 174427EU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up667