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Harmonica (Production music)


Track Name: Sun Is Shining
Artist: Rod Garfield – remixed by Garry Cosgrove
Duration: 2:37
Description: Mash-up of a Blues song with synths, slap bass, harmonica and glitch vocals
Key Words: Mash-up/ Glitch/ Blues/ Slap Bass/ Uplifting/ Sun/ Feel Good / Summer
Tune code: 254997AU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1707
Track Name: Train Blues
Artist: Rod Garfield
Duration: 3:33
BPM: Various
Description: Blues harp solo impersonating a steam train – The mail train takes a journey from London to Scotland moving from the blues to a folk
Key Words: Blues/Steam/Trains/Locomotives/Mail/Night/Jigs/Reels/Scotland
Tune code: 134075FP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up057
Track Name: Mr Bear Blues
Artist: Rod Garfield
Duration: 1:03
BPM: Free
Description: Blues harp solo – raw and raunchy.
Key Words: Solo/ Blues/Raw/Edgy/ Rough/ Bad
Tune code: 176487BW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up695
Track Name: Forest Walk
Artist: Roger And Ellen
Duration: 0:36
BPM: 84
Description: Simple peaceful acoustic guitars in counterpoint with poignant harmonica. Think nature, Lovers walking, American civil war period.
Key Words: Intimate/ Acoustic/ Raw/ Simple/ Real/ Reflective/ Nature/ Lovers/ Hopeful/ Inspirational/ American civil war period/ Harmonica
Tune code: 175981ES
Catalogue Number: Pop-up705