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Track Name: Satisfied (Indie)
Artist: Gravity
Duration: 2:56
BPM: 154
Description: Angry rocker big guitar riffs. At 0:40 the chorus hits. In The vein of: Supergrass, Radio Head.
Key Words: Angry/ Satisfaction/Rocker
Tune code: 133872HV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up017DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Solo
Artist: Kelly And The Gloss
Duration: 3:35
BPM: 127
Description: Anti-heteronormative couple world, pro-single ladies anthem. For women who resist the pressure to settle down with one person. “Sister, we’ll make it OK.”
Key Words: Guitars / Female vocal / Guitars / Band / Edgy
Tune code: 156353EP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up517DOWNLOAD
Track Name: The Grey
Artist: Kelly And The Gloss
Duration: 4:31
BPM: 149
Description: A lonely song about trying to fight off negative feelings, or “the grey” with drinking, and trying to forget the small things at a party that are getting me down, like the dishes
Key Words: Melancholy / Acoustic guitars / Female vocal / Band / Mid tempo
Tune code: 156353ES
Catalogue Number: Pop-up515DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Out Of The Match
Artist: Kelly And The Gloss
Duration: 4:16
BPM: 132
Description: A road song about moving from the big city to the country, or a smaller town for the summer
Key Words: Guitars / Female vocal / Guitars / Band / Mid tempo / 80s
Tune code: 156353EQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up513DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Fluff
Artist: Kelly And The Gloss
Duration: 2:50
BPM: 126
Description: Wondering whether to believe in fait and “signs”. feeling pulled towards someone but deciding to walk away and not pursue
Key Words: Dandelion fluff/Belief/Signs/Walking/Indie/Pop
Tune code: 156353ET
Catalogue Number: Pop-up516DOWNLOAD
Track Name: This City
Artist: Kelly And The Gloss
Duration: 3:23
BPM: 157
Description: Fear of moving to a new city. fear of losing one’s identity to new social pressures
Key Words: City/ I don’t know if they’ll want me/ Shoes/ New scene/ Expectancy/ Fear  
Tune code: 156353ER
Catalogue Number: Pop-up514DOWNLOAD
Track Name: I’m in You
Artist: Gravity
Duration: 3:19
BPM: 120
Description: Industrial edge indie rocker. At 1:00 the chorus hits.
Key Words: Relationships/ Birth.
Tune code: 133872KM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up022DOWNLOAD
Track Name: She’s not Believing
Artist: Gravity
Duration: 3:19
BPM: 119