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Duration: 2:30
Description: Rock instrumental with massive guitars and swirling keyboards – slight 60’s ness about it.
​Key Words: Big, Epic, Rock, Driving, Flowing
Tune code: Awaiting
Catalogue Number: Pop-up669
Duration: 4:55
BPM: 114
Description: Grand floating sounds with strings and brass.
​Key Words: Emotional, Sentimental.
Tune code: 136369AU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up037
Duration: 5:19
BPM: 60
Description: Orchestral with a soulful backing. With a jazzy middle section.
​Key Words: Flowing, Light, Orchestration
Tune code: 136369AV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up038
Duration: 02:50
BPM: 90
Description: Feel good instrumental, quirky Poppy track with Folk and electro elements.
​Key Words: Pop, Country, Folk, Acoustic, Happy, Quirky, Fun
Tune code: 174427DR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up661
Description: Disco instrumental with electro instruments and strings.
​Key Words:Disco, Dance.
Tune code: 133973LQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up040
BPM: 104
Description: Motown, Stax, Horns
​Key Words: Groovy, Motown
Tune code: 133973LR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up041
BPM: 114
Description: Indie /folk vibe.
​Key Words: Cute,Playful, Accordion, Childhood.
Tune code: 133973LU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up105
BPM: 145
Description: Indie Rock.
​Key Words: Uplifting,Encouragement.
Tune code: 133973LV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up075 
Duration: 1:43
BPM: 130
Description: French inspired instrumental with accordion
​Key Words: French, Wolf-Whistle, Jolly, Paris
Tune code:135236CN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up087
Duration: 0:16
BPM: 130
Description: Soul groove with horn section and violin.
​Key Words: Stax, Motown, Urgent, News, Hurry.
Tune code: 123463LT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up161
Duration: 2:52
Description: Amazing acoustic guitar playing and ambient recording with percussive tapping techniques.
​Key Words: Finger style, acoustic guitar, percussive/Upbeat/ acoustic guitar melody with percussion and tapping techniques
Tune code: coming soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up411
Duration: 4:37
Description: Features piano accompanied by bass guitar and drums that creates a beautiful soothing track
​Key Words: Relaxing/ Easing/ Calming/ Inspirational/ Romantic/ Emotional/ Soothing/Grand/Jazz
Tune code: 151533BM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up425
Duration: 3:40
Description: Piano and guitar lead peace with a mellow vibe and a cute and warm atmosphere. Indie/Rock
​Key Words: Cute/ Childlike/ Warm/Relaxing/ Easing/ Calming/ Inspirational/ Romantic/ Emotional/ Soothing/ Glockenspiel 
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up671
Duration: 2:20
Description: Slightly retro rock instrumental – tinged by The Doors
​Key Words: Rock/ Retro/ Guitar / Driving
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up673
Duration: 1:09
Description: Reto bass riff with tribal drums and big Moog synths
​Key Words: Soulful/ Rock/ Retro/ Guitar / Driving/ Tribal/ Epic/ Climax/Punchy/Brooding/ Percussion/ Tom toms/Drums/ Moog/ Brass section
Tune code: 175285KW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up694
Description: Up -beat fast moving – mixing Blues harp with contemporary and funky sounds.
​Key Words: Energy/ Blues/ Retro/ Guitar / Driving/ Climax/Punchy/Fast/ Speed/ Cars/Drums/ Funky/Fun
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up825