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Duration: 1:19
Description: Swinging jazz instrumental.
In the vein of: Benny Goodman
​Key Words: Swing/1920/1930/Jazz/Ship/Fun/Upbeat/Cheeky/Cool/Hot/Clarinet/Horns/Drums/Banjo
Tune code: 143815AR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up340
Duration: 3:19
Description:Cool jazz with an Afro cuban jazz groove solos by clarinet, piano , double bass and trading 4’s with drums
​Key Words: Warm/Smokey/Jazz/Brooding/Moody/Sexy/Cool/Smooth/Night/Clarinet.
Tune code: 156129DM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up572
Duration: 4:55
Description: Bossa Nova with guitar, flute and male voice. ​Key Words: Bossa Nova/Feel good/Sunny/Pool/Dancing/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/Rio/Samba/Steps/Strings/Sexy/Bouncy/Flute/Birds/Human/Percussion
Tune code: 145644HP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up362
Instrumental available 
Duration: 2:56
Description: Jazzy soulful female vocal with a contemporary vibe. ​Key Words: Soul/Train/World/Jazz/ Night time/ Cool/ Jazz/Road/Double Bass/Piano/Brushes
Tune code: 150741AP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up412
Instrumental available 
Duration: 6:59
Description: Jazz trio piano, drums and Double bass. ​Key Words: World/Jazz/ Night time/ Cool/ Jazz/Double Bass/Piano/Brushes/Groovy
Tune code: 151597FS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up426
Duration: 4:35
Description: Jazz trio piano, drums and Double bass.
​Key Words: World/Jazz/ Night time/ Cool/ Jazz/Double Bass/Piano/Groovy
Tune code: 151597FT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up430
Duration: 6:31
Description: Jazzy airy ambient soundscape with a warm texture.
​Key Words: Dreamy/ Ambient/ Soundscape/ Experimental/Warm/ Slow/ Underscore/ Space / Ethereal / Future / Cities / Deep/Voices/
Tune code: 151676HT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up431
Duration: 5:07
Description: Jazz/fusion/Rock track lead by lead guitar with Cobham style drums and an over all 1970 Jazz rock vibe.
​Key Words: Dreamy/ Driven/ Cool/ Hot/Groove/ Fusion/ Clever/ Ethereal / Future / Cities /Guitar solo’s
Tune code: 152069CU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up466
Duration: 6:37
Description: 7/4 tune with slow rockfeel evoking when the global temperature will rise on earth.
​Key Words: Jazz/Earth/ Global warming/Dreamy/ Hot/Groove/ Fusion/ Clever/ Ethereal / Future  /Guitar solo’s
Tune code: 156394FW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up597
Duration: 3:34
Description: Contemporary jazz tune with a drum and bass style groove and sax solo.
​Key Words: Jazz/drum and bass/saxophone/ dance/ energetic/ Instrumental/Dreamy/ Hot/Groove/ Fusion/ Clever/
Tune code: 174427DS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up622
Duration: 2:39
Description: Laid-back smokey jazz tune lead by sax.
​Key Words: Jazz/Night time/saxophone/Instrumental/Dreamy/ Hot/Groove/Smoky/Crime/Thriller/Anticipation/Brooding/Builds/Unexpected
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up724