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Track Name: Sabor Latino
Artist: Orchestra Fuego
Duration: 3:47
BPM: Upbeat Salsa
Description: Sabor Latino is an upbeat Salsa song that’s sure to make you want to dance.
Key Words: Energy/Frantic/ Explosive/Salsa/ Cuba/Salsa/Mambo/Latin/Electric/Merengue
Tune code: 153470LV
 Catalogue Number: Pop-up1313 
Track Name: Banana Boat Mambo
Artist: The Melatauns
Duration: 3:06
Description: Latin mambo instrumental with a Bossa vibe
Keywords: Mambo/Bossa/Smooth/Lounge/Sexy/Fun/Happy/Horns/Guitars/Uplifting/toe tapping/Laid-back/Cheese/Brass/Swing/ Groovy
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1503
Track Name: Mercer St
Artist: Tony White Music
Duration: 5:58
BPM: 140
Description: Latin jazz style cha cha with an LA brass type ending in cut time. Hi energy ,melodic & dance-able
Key Words: ChaCha/Salsa/Jazz/Horns/Energy/Dance/Uplifting/Frantic/ Explosive/Salsa/ Cuba/Latin
Tune code: 226410CU
 Catalogue Number: Pop-up1346 
Track Name: Intro
Artist: A&Uno
Duration: 3:07
BPM: 106
Description: Latin explosion of salsa!
Key Words: Energy/Frantic/ Explosive/Salsa/ Cuba/Latin
Tune code: 153470LV
 Catalogue Number: Pop-up483 
Track Name: Esta Bueno
Artist: Fran Chico Benitez
Duration: 3:35
BPM: 160
Description: A fusion of afrocaribbean, urban jazz, chill music with humanistic and sensitive lyrics.
Key Words: Basta/Ya/Circunstancia/Verguenza/Respeto/Vaina/Pan/ Cultura/Discrimen/Equidad
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up275 
Track Name: Street Samba
Artist: Roger & Ellen
Duration: 1:49
BPM: 120
Description: Joyous rhythmic Brazilian carnival track, with with voices, percussion, surdo, shakers, cuica, bass, triangle and flute
Key Words: Eventful/ Celebration/ Joy/ Drinking/ Fun/ Jubilant/ Beach/ Travel/ Laughter/ Islands/ Breezy/ Love.
Tune code: 142705EM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up275 
Track Name: Bossa On The Beach
Artist: Roger & Ellen
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 80
Description: Sweet gentle bossa with flute guitar and latin percussion.
Key Words: Feel good/Sunny/Pool/Romantic Mood/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/Rio
Tune code: 142705CN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up265 
Track Name: Samba Da Vida Alta
Artist: Roger & Ellen
Duration: 1:27
BPM: 120
Description: Light sweet samba with cocktails and elegant people.
Key Words: Feel good/Sunny/Pool/Romantic Mood/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/Rio/elegant/Happy
Tune code: 142705DT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up267 
Track Name: Samba For A Lady
Artist: Roger & Ellen
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 120
Description: Uptempo yet chilled samba groove with acoustic guitar.
Key Words: Feel-good/ Sunny/ Pool/ Romantic/ Mood/ Cocktails/ 1960/ Brazil/ RioBreezy/ Summer/ Dance/ Celbration/ Jolly / Love / Party/ Drinking/ Dancing
Tune code: 142765EU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up266 
Track Name: Ahhh Brazil
Artist: Roger & Ellen
Duration: 2:07
BPM: 109
Description: Lounge style bossa overflowing with sexuality
Key Words: Feel good/Sunny/Pool/Romantic Mood/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/Rio/Sexy/Lounge
Tune code142705BW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up260 
Track Name: Steps
Artist: LeeJKeys Collective
Duration: 5:53
BPM: 80
Description: Contemporary latin infused live song with horns strings rap male and female vocals.
Key Words: Feel good/Sunny/Pool/Romantic Mood/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/Rio/Samba/Rap/Steps/Strings/Sexy/Bouncy
Tune code:  143482FN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up343 
Track Name: Nothing Better Than This
Artist:  Roger & Ellen
Duration: 2:33
BPM: 130
Description: Brazilian flavoured feel good track with a party atmoshire.
Key Words: Feel good/Sunny/Pool/Dancing/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/Rio/Samba/Steps/Strings/Sexy/Bouncy/Best/Flute/Whistles
Tune code: 155671CN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1226 
Track Name: Canta
Artist: Fran Chico Benitez
Duration: 4:55
BPM: 100
Description: Bossa Nova with guitar, flute and male voice. Written and performed by Fran chico Benitez.
Key Words: Bossa Nova/Feel good/ Sunny/ Pool/ Dancing/ Cocktails/ 1960/ Brazil/ Rio/ Samba/ Steps/ Strings/ Sexy/ Bouncy/ Flute/ Birds/ Human/Percussion
Tune code:  145644HP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up362 
Track Name: Quisiera Instrumental
Artist: Fran chico Benitez
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 80
Description: Instrumental of ‘Quisiera’ by Fran chico Benitez.
Key Words: Feel good/Sunny/Pool/Romantic Mood/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/Rio/Hot/Chilled
Tune code146608LN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up297 
Track Name: Magdalena Instrumental
Artist: Fran chico Benitez
Duration: 4:01
BPM: 107
Description: Instrumental of ‘Magdalena’ by Fran chico Benitez
Key Words: Feel good/Sunny/Pool/Romantic Mood/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/Rio/Hot/Chilled
Tune code: 146608LP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up398 
Track Name: Magdalena
Artist: Fran chico Benitez
Duration: 4:01
BPM: 107
Description: Latin jazz track with guitars, vocals, drums, percussion, upright bass, sax.Written  and performed by Fran chico Benitez. 
Key Words: Chilled/ Seductive/ Sexy/ Bars/ Brazil/ Latin
Tune code:   146608LP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up394 
Track Name: The Green Flash
Artist: John Finsbury
Duration: 4:01
BPM: 120
Description: Lounge Bossa Nova jazz instrumental
Key Words: Bossa Nova/ Instrumental/ Spanish Guitar/ Brazilian Jazz/ Saudade
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up587 
Track Name: My Old Friend
Artist: John Finsbury
Duration: 5:10
BPM: 130
Description: Lounge Bossa Nova jazz instrumental – Guitar and Piano
Key Words: Bossa Nova/ Instrumental/ Piano/ Brazilian Jazz/ Saudade
Tune code: 179642DN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up590 
Track Name: Samba Dan
Artist: John Finsbury
Duration: 7:00
BPM: 80
Description: Lounge Bossa Nova jazz instrumental – Guitar lead.
Key Words: Instrumental/ Spanish Guitar/ Piano/ Brazilian Jazz/ Saudade
Tune code: 179642CW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up593
Track Name: Batucada
Artist: Steve White
Duration: 1:02
Description: Brazilian explosive groove.
Key Words: Latin/ Moving/Happy/Drums/Energy/ Excitement/Groove/Carnival/ Celebration/ Dancing/Festival
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1410 
Track Name: Notes From The Road
Artist: Alex Gordez
Duration: 5:05
BPM: 104 bpm also Fluctuates in the beginning
Description: Spanish Guitar, with violin counterpoints – latin percussion – overall riding feel.
Key Words: Spanish Guitar/Latin/ Moving/Happy/Festival/ Light
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1546