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Track Name: Through A Glass Darkly
Artist: Rod Brown
Duration: 3:41 
BPM: Free
Description: Emotional piano instrumental 
Key WordS: Sad/ Piano/ Tension/ Expressiveness/ Jazzy
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1485
Track Name: Snowfall
Artist: Peter Nostrand
Duration: 3:30
BPM: 126
Description: Playful orchestral piece recorded by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra.
Key Words: Playful/ Children/ Fun/ Light/ Orchestration/ Symphonic/ Soundtrack/ Intense/ Reflective
Tune code: 182137DM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up732
Track Name: Happy Girl
Artist: Peter Nostrand
Duration: 4:48
BPM: 115
Description: Piano lead playful orchestral piece recorded by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra.
Key Words: Playful/ Children/ Fun/ Light and Shade/ Orchestration/ Symphonic/ Soundtrack/ Intense/ Reflective/ Period costume/ Historical
Tune code: 182137CW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up733
Track Name: Solitary Waltz
Artist: Rod Brown
Duration: 4:24
BPM: Free
Description: Piano instrumental with a hint of jazz
Key Words: Instrumental/ Tension/ Expressiveness/ Jazzy/ Hope/ Solitary
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1484
Track Name: C’etait Hier (instrumental)
Artist: Saundi
Duration: 5:20
BPM: 191
Description: A dramatic instrumental, that ranges seamlessly from serious to playful, happy to sad, classical piano to distortion guitar.
Key Words: Dramatic/ Piano/ Inspirational/ Playful 
Tune code:262990KP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1536
Track Name: Mr Inspector
Artist: Larry Minsky
BPM: Free
Description: Cheeky curious piano instrumental
Key Words: Cheeky / Curious/ Dramatic/ Piano/ Playful 
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1781
Track Name: Song Without Words
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 3:40
Description: Instrumental piano ballad – with a melancholic tone.
Keywords: Sad/ Ballad/ 70s/ Piano
Tune code: 272108HQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1808
Track Name: Poets Waltz
Artist:  Robert Stanton
Duration: 2:58
Description: Instrumental piano waltz- with a melancholic tone.
Keywords: Waltz/ Lonely/ Lost / Sad/ Piano
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up4063