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Track Name: Got My Back
Artist: Dani poppitt
Duration: 2:45
BPM: 145
Description: High energy Pop song, electronic. Claps included! Hopeful and sweet.
Key Words: Pop/ Catchy/ Upbeat/ Pop bubblegum/ Commercial/  Hope/ Hooky/ Fun.
Tune code: 177980GN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up659DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Rollin – Ft – Lucille – Crew
Artist: Arlene Gould
Duration: 3:21
BPM: 120
Description: Urban Afro-Pop song with a horn section and Ft a rap.
Key Words: Afro Pop/Catchy/Uplifting/Inspirational/Anthem / Dancing/Party/ Summer/Horns/Rap
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1523DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Don’t Stop
Artist: Mesa Jane
Duration: 3:16
BPM: 140
Description: Synth Pop catchy dance fun empowering going out song.
Key Words: Empowerment/Catchy/Uplifting/Inspirational/Anthem / Dancing/Reflective/Fun/Keytar/80’s/Synth Pop/Party
Tune code: 183657AR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up749DOWNLOAD
Track Name: History
Artist: Skinny Mountain
Duration: 2:34
BPM: 126
Description: Fun electronic pop song with a hook driven chorus. Youthful, fun and head bobbing song, it’l make you smile.
Key Words: Electronic/ Pop/ Dance/ Confident/ Playful/ Party/ Youthful/ Devotion/ Male vocals/Uplifting/Fun
Tune code: 183657AT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up753DOWNLOAD
Track Name: As We Grow Old
Artist: Victoria Celestine
Duration: 3:16
BPM: 140
Description: Depicting typical teenager problem who does not know what they want to become – Synth Pop 80’s – 808 drenched.
Key Words: Youth/Growing/ Old/ Love / Sun/ Empowerment/ Catchy/ Uplifting/ Inspirational/ Anthem / Dancing/ Reflective/ 80’s/ Synth Pop/ Party/ 80’s
Tune code: 179108HQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up751DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Play The Game
Artist: Matt Henshaw
Duration: 3:34
BPM: 75
Description: A very British  inspired song about the city of Nottingham with themes of pastoral society lost, history and globalisation.
Key Words: Pop/ Acoustic/ England/ History/ Reflection/ Patriotic/ Guitar/ Vocals/ Acoustic/ Slide/ Catchy/ Upbeat, country, harmony, drums, shuffle
Tune code: 156353KQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up598DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Feelin’ It
Artist: Ex Norwegian
Duration: 2:52
BPM: 139
Description: Driving indie pop/rock song about feeling good
Key Words: Party/ Bouncy/ Rocking/ Feeling fine/ Upbeat/ Driving/ Positive
Tune code: 159390GU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up641DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Love Will Come Back Again
Artist: Chaz Robinson
Duration: 3:56
BPM: 126
Description: Up tempo Pop track with male vocals
Key Words: Male vocal/ Modern/ Upbeat vocal
Tune code: 155629CP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up560DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Saving Grace
Duration: 3:41