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Track Name: Giddy Up!
Duration: 1:00
BPM: 174
Description: Cheeky and humourous upbeat groove
Key Words: Kazoo/ Upbeat/ Fun/ Humourous/ Cheeky/ Annoying/ Catchy
Tune code: 155000GN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up548
Track Name: Wet Noses and Wagging Tails
Duration: 2:19
BPM: 178
Description: A song about the love of pets, their quirky habits, and how dogs and cats are the singer’s favorite pals. It is set to country instrumentation.
Key Words: Pets Dogs Cats Tails Noses
Tune code: 155629FV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up548
Track Name: A Dog’s Life
Artist: Roger and Ellen
Duration: 0:50
BPM: 129
Description: Fun short instrumental with a happy go lucky vibe. Harmonica, acoustic guitar and snare drum with brushes.
Key Words: Happy/ Lazy/ Fun/ Cute/ Mellow/ Cheeky/ Quirky/ Kids/ Lovers/ Disney 
Tune code: 175902LN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up702
Track Name: Breaking News
Duration: 3:27
Description :News theme – 80’s vibe – driving beat with many anticipated chordal hits and a melodic hook.
Key Words: News; sports; excitement, Rock; horns; fanfare
Tune code: 177495FP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up725
Track Name: To The Core
Duration: 2:48
BPM: 160
Descripton: Dark heavy rock instrumental. An alternative hard rock tune with roots in ’80s heavy metal, with cowbell to prove it.
Key Words: Aggressive/ Hard fast/ Distorted/ Heavy Metal/ Alternative/ Testosterone/ Energy/ Bikers/ Leather
Tune code: 156068DQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up410 
Track Name: Oh Oh Oh
Artist: Jake Zavracky
Duration: 1:04
BPM: 80
Description: Retro Poppy/indie rock track with guitars, fuzzy bass and claps.
Key Words: Uplifting/ Hopeful/ Romantic/ Celebratory/ Strings/ Charming/ Retro/ Uplifting/ Claps/ Fun/ Indie Movie/ Catchy/ Pop/ Indie
Tune code: 177310HU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up726
Track Name: Dirty Work
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:33
BPM: 109
Description: Gritty rock with slide guitar.
Key Words: Rock’n’roll/ Big drums/ Hard hitting/ Gritty/ Guitars/ Tough/ Slide guitar/ Truckers/ USA/Driving/Dirt
Tune code:  138614KV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up112
Track Name: Down To Business
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:34
BPM: 126
Description: Gritty rock with slide guitar.
Key Words: Truckers/ Rock’n’roll/ Big drums/ Hard hitting/Gritty/ Guitars/ Tough
Tune code:  138614KW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up113
Track Name: Fire It Up
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:32
BPM: 146
Description:  Energetic, upbeat big guitar riff.
Key Words:  Fun/ Upbeat/ Rock/ Uplifting lyrics/ Guitars
Tune code: 138614LN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up115
Track Name: Fuzzy Blanket
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 102
Description: Warm, endearing acoustic track with percussion.
Key Words:  Warm/ Charming/ Acoustic/ Organic/ Endearing/ Percussion
Tune code: 138614LR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up119
Track Name: Up and at ‘Em
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:31
BPM: 144
Description: Building modern rock track
Key Words: Building/ Modern/ Rock/ Driving/ Guitars/ Epic/ Upbeat/ Inspirational
Tune code: 155000GW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up540
Track Name: Ease Into It
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:34
BPM: 154
Description:  Upbeat, clean pop rock with vocal
Key Words: Vocal/ Pop rock/ Clean/ Tight/ Upbeat/ Fun
Tune code:   138614LM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up114
Track Name: Be Yourself
Artist: 5 Minuete Band
Duration: 2:44
Description: Contemporary Pop song with soulful vocal, big drums and percussion.
Keywords: Pop/ Percussive/ Drums/ Hell/ Heaven/ 80’s/ Soulful/ Wonders/ Self/ Funky Bass/ Synths/ Bells
Tune code: 141783GN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up213 
Track Name: Bring Us Together
Artist: 5 Minute Band
Description: Mysterious and grooving instrumental with an over all haunting vibe.
Key Words: Groove/Instrumental/Flow/Haunting/Lost/Distant/Ambient/Mysterious/Organ
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up980