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Duration: 2:35
Description: Fun  rhythmic Brazilian carnival track, with a deep male vocal and trumpets and FOOTBALL theme. Written by Naphis Torres & Fran chico Benitez
​Key Words: Football/Samba/Eventful/Celebration/Joy/Drinking/Fun/Jubilant/Beach/Travel/Laughter/Islands/Breezy/Love.
Tune code: 147603KS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up368
Duration: 1:27
BPM: 120
Description: Light sweet samba with cocktails and elegant people.
In the vein of:
​Key Words: Feel good/Sunny/Pool/Romantic Mood/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/Rio/elegant/Happy
Tune code: 142705DT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up267
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 120
In the vein of:
​Key Words: Feel-good/Sunny/Pool/Romantic/Mood/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/RioBreezy/Summer/
Tune code: 142765EU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up266
Duration: 2:33
Description: Brazilian flavoured feel good track with a party atmoshire.
​Key Words: Feel good/Sunny/Pool/Dancing/Cocktails/1960/Brazil/Rio/Samba/Steps/Strings/Sexy/Bouncy/Best/Flute/Whistles
Tune code:  Coming Soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1226