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Track Name: Trainline 2
Artist: Jim Meacock
Duration: 0:56
BPM: 150
Description: Uplifting, bright, upbeat acoustic guitar with handclaps and strings
Key Words: Uplifting/ Bright/ Positive/ Blue sky/ Sunshine/ Careers
Tune code: 143482DR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up321
Track Name: You and I
Artist: Marc Robillard
Duration: 0:34
BPM: 63
Description: Happy and cute, uplifting, bright, acoustic guitar with back vocals
Key Words:   Uplifting/ Hopeful/ Charming/ Cute
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1096
Track Name: Safe Home
Artist: Jim Meacock
Duration: 0:53
BPM: 94
Description: Calm, expansive, modern American mood to this piano and small ensemble track
Key Words:  Hopeful/ Wistful / Thoughtful
Tune code: 254997GW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1521
Track Name: Champion
Artist:  Marc Robillard
Duration: 0:34
BPM: 98
Description: Happy and energetic, uplifting, bright, acoustic guitar with male vocals
Key Words:   Uplifting/ Hopeful/ Charming/ Male vocals
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1097
Track Name: The Ride
Artist: Marc Robillard
Duration: 0:35
BPM: 124
Description: Happy and energetic, uplifting, bright, acoustic guitar with male vocals
Key Words: Uplifting/ Hopeful/ Charming/ Friends/ Happiness
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1098
Track Name: When We Were Young
Artist:  Marc Robillard
Duration: 0:45
BPM: 110
Description: Acoustic guitar track with male vocals, sad and hopeful, whistle
Key Words: Uplifting/ Hopeful/ Charming/Whistle/ Male Vocals
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1099
Track Name: I Can Be
Artist:  Marc Robillard
Duration: 0:43
BPM: 118
Description: Acoustic guitar track with male vocals, sad and hopeful with harmonica
Key Words: Uplifting/ Hopeful/ Charming
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1200
Track Name: No Picnic
Artist: Jim Meacock
Duration: 0:43
BPM: 120
Description: Celebratory and hopeful with lush string orchestra and flute.
Key Words:   Uplifting/ Hopeful/ Romantic/ Celebratory/ Strings/ Charming
Tune code: 146359CU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up363
Track Name: Oh Oh Oh
Artist: Jake Zavracky
Duration: 1:04
BPM: 80
Description: Retro Poppy/indie rock track with guitars, fuzzy bass and claps.
Key Words: Uplifting/ Hopeful/ Romantic/ Celebratory/ Strings/ Charming/ Retro/ Uplifting/ Claps/ Fun/ Indie Movie/ Catchy/ Pop/ Indie
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up726
Track Name: Arms Wide Open
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 92
Description: Celebratory and hopeful with group vocal.
Key Words: Uplifting/ Hopeful/ Vocal/ Celebratory/ Guitar/ Charming.
Tune code:  138614KP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up107
Track Name: Best I’ve Ever Seen
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 102
BPM: 92
Description:  Indie acoustic band with positive lyric
Key Words: Charming/ Fun/ Indie/ Friendly/ Acoustic/ Vocal/ Positive/ Best friends/ Uplifting/ Empowering
Tune code:  138614KQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up108
Track Name: Clean Shave
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:31
BPM: 117
Description: Quirky, charming upbeat with male vocal
Key Words: Quirky/ Fun/ Vocal/ Beatbox/ Upbeat
Tune code:  138614KT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up111
Track Name: Dirty Work
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:33
BPM: 109
Description: Gritty rock with slide guitar.
Key Words: Rock’n’roll/ Big drums/ Hard hitting/ Gritty/ Guitars/ Tough/ Slide guitar/ Truckers/ USA/Driving/Dirt
Tune code:  138614KV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up112
Track Name: Down To Business
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:34
BPM: 126
Description: Gritty rock with slide guitar.
Key Words: Truckers/ Rock’n’roll/ Big drums/ Hard hitting/Gritty/ Guitars/ Tough
Tune code:  138614KW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up113
Track Name: Fire It Up
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:32
BPM: 146
Description:  Energetic, upbeat big guitar riff.
Key Words:  Fun/ Upbeat/ Rock/ Uplifting lyrics/ Guitars
Tune code: 138614LN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up115
Track Name: Fuzzy Blanket
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 102
Description: Warm, endearing acoustic track with percussion.
Key Words:  Warm/ Charming/ Acoustic/ Organic/ Endearing/ Percussion
Tune code: 138614LR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up119
Track Name: Float
Artist: Mark Garfield
Duration: 0:12
BPM: 94
Description: Sort electro track with big drums and bass wobbles
Key Words: Electronic/ Floating/ Space/ Light/ Dubstep/Wobble/Danger/Heavy
Tune code:

Track Name: Lion & Rose
Artist: Mark Garfield
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 129
Description: Cheeky short instrumental with a quirky vibe. Mellotron strings and voices.
Key Words: Fun/ Cute/ Mellow/ Cheeky/ Quirky/ Kids/ Lovers/ Disney
Tune code: 159438GM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up647
Track Name: Vamp
Artist: Mark Garfield
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 118
Description: Dirty heavy blues influenced short with harmonica, Hammond and guitar.
Key Words: Nasty/ Dirt/ Heavy/ Powerful/ Blues / Urgent
Tune code: 184755BQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up950
Track Name: Early Bird
Duration: 0:41
BPM: 100
Description: Charming piano/acoustic with female vocal
Key Words: Piano/ Bells/ Charming/ Sweet/ Warm/ Acoustic
Tune code: 155000FW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up551
Track Name: Bounce in the Step
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:32
BPM: 128
Description: Simple,beautiful piano piece with bells – quite regal
Key Words: Simple/ Beautiful/ Piano/ Soothing/ Reflective/ Bells
Tune code: 155000FQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up536
Track Name: Bouncing Around
Duration: 0:31
BPM: 151
Description: Light, fun and upbeat groove with vocal elements
Key Words: Acoustic/ Charming/ Fun/ Groovy/ Light/ Male/ Vocalizations/ Vocals/ Voice
Tune code: 155000FR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up537
Track Name: Up and at ‘Em
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:31
BPM: 144
Description: Building modern rock track
Key Words: Building/ Modern/ Rock/ Driving/ Guitars/ Epic/ Upbeat/ Inspirational
Tune code: 155000GW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up540
Track Name: Our Time Has Come
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:40
BPM: 144
Description: Deep , ambient and uplifting
Key Words: Airy/ Ambient/ Dreamlike/ Drop/ Evolving/ Hopeful/ Inspirational/ Modern
Tune code: 155000GS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up544