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Singer Songwriter


Track Name: Kiss The Sky
Artist:  Marc Robillard
Duration: 1:15
BPM: 88
Description: Cute indie folk pop song.
Key Words: Pop/ Sky/ Cute/ Love/ Kiss
Tune code: 142330BQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up228 
Track Name: Butterscotch High
Artist: Marc Robillard
Duration: 3:53
BPM: 74
Description: Indie singer songwriter
Key Words: Highs/ Motivational/ Lift/ Pick-up/ Feel good/ Sunny/ Reflection
Tune code: 215449KM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1095 
Track Name: Orange
Artist:  Marc Robillard
Duration: 1:11
BPM: 83
Description: Warm indie folk pop song.
Key Words: Motivational/ Lift/ Pick-up/ Feel good/ Sunny
Tune code: 142330BT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up231 
Track Name: Don’t Give Up On Love
Artist: Scott Evans
Duration: 3:45
BPM: 43
Description: Acoustic heartfelt Love song
Key Words: Hope/Love/Acoustic/Relationships/ Emotional/ Mind /Guitar/ Songwriter
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1349 
Track Name: Son
Artist: Parisian Pass
Duration: 4:48
BPM: 3/4
Description: Singer songwriter in a 1960’s vain.
Key Words: Singer songwriter/ Hippy/ Son/ Dreamy/ Light/ 60’s / USA/ Summer/ Springs/ Light/ Harmony
Tune code: 184225DP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up750 
Track Name: Optimistic
Artist: The Wayside Shakeup
Duration: 3:26
BPM: 77
Description: Strong male vocal track
Key Words: Guitars/ Male vocal
Tune code: coming soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up420 
Track Name: We Don’t Know
Duration: 1:11
BPM: 86
Description: Rocking pop instrumental
Key Words: Motivational/Rocking/Lift/Pick-up/Feel good/Sunny
Tune code: 142330CM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up235 
Track Name: So much More
Artist: Mark Robillard
Duration: 3:02
BPM: 110
Description: Acoustic pop song
Key Words: Hopeful/encouragement/Love/Today/More/Tomorrow.
Tune code: 142330CP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up238 
Track Name: The Pair
Artist: Marc Robillard
Duration: 3:18
BPM: 60
Description: Acoustic love song
Key Words: Acoustic/ Love / Guitar
Tune code: 142330CR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up240 
Track Name: Unfold
Artist: Marc Robillard
Duration: 2:42
BPM: 95
Description: Acoustic love song with a full band and strings backing
Key Words: Acoustic/ Love/ Guitar
Tune code: 142330CT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up242 
Track Name: Without You
Artist: Marc Robillard
Duration: 3:02
BPM: 98
Description: Gentle break-up song with a full band and strings backing. High Emotion.
Key Words: Broken/Sad/Upset/Love/Acoustic/Relationships//Loving/Light/Gentle/Days/Break-up/Emotion.
Tune code: 142330CV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up244 
Track Name: Burning, Burning
Artist: Alan Kirk
Duration: 3:27
BPM: 91
Description: Gentle break-up song with a full band and strings backing. High Emotion.
Key Words: Broken/Sad/Upset/Love/Acoustic/Relationships/Voice/Burning/
Tune code: 143750AS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up346 
Track Name: Three Words
Artist: Matt Boylan-Smith
Duration: 3:13
BPM: 120
Description: A whimsical piece about missing loved ones
Key Words: Male Vocal Songwriter/ Acoustic/ Three/ Words /Acoustic / Whimsical
Tune code: 175743GN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up668 
Track Name: Okinawa Love Story
Artist: Niko
Duration: 4:39
BPM: 114
Description: A storey telling tale of two lovers split by war – spoken word, piano, bass, backing vocals and  snare drum.
Key Words: Male Vocal/  Songwriter/ Acoustic/ Wartime/Lovers/ Longing/ Spoken-word/ Togetherness / Emotion/ Reflective
Tune code: 174427ET
Catalogue Number: Pop-up711 


Track name: Sleepless State
Artist: Anthony Farina
Duration: 4:28
BPM: 140
Description: This track unfolds with a character who has lost control. Someone who has been let down by everyone and everything and is now constantly overanalyzing life.
Key Words: Acoustic/ Introspective/ Dynamic/ Lyrical/ Heartbreak/ Angsty/ Driving/ Singer-Songwriter/ Alternative
Tune code: 263610KQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1267 
Track Name: Lovesick
Artist: Mark Gothard
Duration: 3:16
BPM: Moderate
Description: lovesick – sick of love – involves drinking
Key Words: Love/Drinking/Dejection/Loss/Bar/Confusion/Breakup/Disfunction
Tune code226410BS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1362


Track Name: Fall (Love Lost)
Artist: The Lift
Duration: 4:16
BPM: 72
Description: Lost love with full production with female vocal.
Key Words: City/Love/Acoustic/Relationships//Loving/Light/Gentle/Fall/Emotion/Lost/Hopeless.
Tune code: 143563CU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up309 
Track Name: Make Me Believe
Artist: The Lift
Duration: 3:10
BPM: 37
Description: Dreamy soulful Love ballad.
Key Words: Melancholic/Love/Acoustic/Relationships//Loving/Gentle/Fall/Emotion/Lost/Trust/Warm/Fight/Mistakes/Sad
Tune code: 143563CV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up310 
Track Name: End Of Time
Artist: Avakhan
Duration: 4:00
BPM: 105
Description: Airy acoustic singer songwriter ballad with a touch of the Doors – female vocal and organ.
Key Words: Ballad/ Singer/ Songwriter/ Acoustic/ Female/ Vocals/ Soft/Organ/Relax/Airy/Peaceful
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up413 
Track Name: Glitter
Artist: Minie Birch
Duration: 4:16
BPM: 70
Description: Soft melancholic song about the ending of a relationship. Female voice with guitar and harmonium.
Key Words: Melancholic/ Love/ Acoustic/ Relationships/ Feelings/ Gentle/ Glitter/ Emotion/ Lost/ Trust/ Warm/ Tremble/ Mistakes/ Sad/ Fallen/ Blame/ Long Distance
Tune code: 138048DW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up345 
Track Name: Shadows Of My Mind (In The Night)
Artist: The Lift
Duration: 3:56
BPM: 125
Description: Ballad a soulful vibe melancholic song with female vocals
Key Words: Melancholic/ Love/ Acoustic/ Relationships/ Shadow/ Dark/ Emotional/ Mind /Vibes/ Piano
Tune code: 143563CS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up601 
Track Name: Crash
Artist: Brenna Stilwell
Duration: 3:56
BPM: 117
Description: “Crash” is a laid-back acoustic song about the feelings you get when falling in love. The simplicity of it, along with the memorable melody, will make “Crash” hard to get out of your head.
Key Words: Melancholic/Love/Acoustic/Relationships/Shadow/Dark/ Emotional/ Mind /Guitar/Female/ Vocalist/ Songwriter
Tune code: 263610KW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1070 
Track Name: Savannah, Abandoned
Artist: Lewis Dalgliesh
Duration: 02:05
BPM: 60
Description: A structured, simple, melodic song about being true to yourself and your own personal goals.
Key Words: Acoustic/ Simple/ Thoughtful/ Lyrical/ Finger-picking/ Anti-love/ Empowering/ Melodic
Tune code: 263610KT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1417 
Track Name: Killin’ Floor
Artist: John Dempsey
Duration: 4:24
Description: Singer songwriter with an Americana feel.
Key Words: Americana/Acoustic/ Simple/ Thoughtful/ Lyrical/ Finger-picking/ Anti-love/ Empowering/ Melodic / Life/ Flying
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1446 
Track Name: No Mercy In The Night
Artist: Natalie Salzman
Duration: 4:53
Description: Female Singer songwriter with folk and pop influences – Instrumentation includes harp.
Key Words: Acoustic/ Simple/ Thoughtful/ Lyrical/ Harp/ Light/ Melancholic
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1446 
Track Name: Sad Boy
Artist: Mick Motto
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1549 
Track Name: Things Are Getting Better Every Day
Artist: Jimmy O’Neill
Duration: 3:16
Description: Emotional balled with female vocals and paino
Key Words: Acoustic/ Simple/ Thoughtful/ Lyrical/ Hope/Life/ Positive
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1610 
Track Name: The Greatest Thrill Of Them All
Artist: Lionel Lodge
Duration: 4:43
BPM: 83
Description: Acoustic guitar, piano, violin and soft, age worn voices singing about how simply wonderful it is to be alive.
Key Words: Acoustic/ Easy/ Piano/ Violin/ Male Voice/Americana/ Hopeful/ Optimistic/ Warm
Tune code: 256476ER
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1615 
Track Name: Play The Game
Artist: Matt Henshaw
Duration: 3:34
BPM: 75
Description: A very British  inspired song about the city of Nottingham with themes of pastoral society lost, history and globalisation.
Key Words: Pop/ Acoustic/ England/ History/ Reflection/ Patriotic/ Guitar/ Vocals/ Acoustic/ Slide/ Catchy/ Upbeat, country, harmony, drums, shuffle
Tune code: 156353KQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up598
Track Name: End Of Time
Artist: Yane
Duration: 4:00
BPM: 105
Description: Airy acoustic singer songwriter ballad with a touch of the Doors – female vocal and organ
Key Words: Ballad/ Singer/ songwriter/ Acoustic/ Femal/ Vocals/ Soft/Organ/Relax/Airy/Peaceful
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up406
Track Name: Up Up And Away
Artist: Alice BrightSky
Duration: 3:21
BPM: 91
Description: A playful song about rising above the mundane and how true love has the power to elevate.
Key Words: Happy/ Inspired/ Melodic/ Upbeat/ Fun/ Catchy/ Soaring/ Flying/ Relationships/ Love
Tune code: 188284BU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1031
Track Name: Alone
Artist: Ana Curcin
Duration: 3:21
BPM: 91
Description: A singer/songwriter song. a country/russian romance song.
Key Words: Fragile/ brave/ emotional/ deep/ angry/ Relationships/ Love
Tune code: 256476FP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1695
Track Name: My Beautiful Friend
Artist: Casey Wayne Smith
Duration: 4:07
BPM: 91
Description: An intimate song sung to nylon string guitar accompaniment
Key Words:  Folk /acoustic / simple / fragile
Tune code: 263611AW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1741
Track Name: Sorrento
Artist: Joseph & Maia
Duration: 3:41
Description: Alt Country Pop Indie song with male and female vocals
Key Words:  Acoustic/ Alternative Country/ Emotional / Pop /Driving/ Warm/city/ Rain/ Road song/ Relationships
Tune code262903FR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1434 
Track Name: I Love You
Artist: Robinson Treacher
Duration: 3:41
BPM: Moderate…no tempo fluctuation
Description: Simple Love sone – Vocals…percussion…upright bass…piano…backing vocals
Key Words:  Acoustic/ Warm/ Love/ Relationships / Cute/ Romance
Tune code: 271418FQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1840 
Track Name: Borderline
Artist: Ashley Heath
Duration: 3:41
BPM: 73
Description: Bluesy acoustic tune that has an edgy smooth vocal.
Key Words:  Acoustic/ Warm/ Love/ Relationships / Cute/ Romance
Tune code: 271418FQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1864
Track Name: lonesome Tales
Artist: Salio
Duration: 3:10
Description: Simple guitar and vocal song with a soulful vocal performance
Key Words:  Acoustic/Guitar/ Soulful/ Relationships
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up4047