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The Boys

Duration: 1:15
Description: Cute indie folk pop song.
In the vein of:
​Key Words: Pop/Sky/Cute/Love/Kiss
Tune code: 142330BQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up228
Duration: 1:11
Description: Warm indie folk pop song.
In the vein of:
​Key Words: Motivational/Lift/Pick-up/Feel good/Sunny
Tune code: 142330BT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up231
Duration: 4:32
Description: Warm indie song
​Key Words: Melancholy/Shoegaze/Dark/
Tune code: 151532LW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up416
Duration: 4:48
Description: Singer songwriter in a 1960’s vain.
​Key Words: Singer songwriter/Hippy/Son/Dreamy/Light/60’s /USA/Summer/Springs/Light/Harmony
Tune code: 184225DP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up750
Duration: 3:26
Description: Strong male vocal track
​Key Words: Guitars/male vocal
Tune code: coming soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up420


Duration: 3:01
Description: Warm indie song
​Key Words: Seventies/Acoustic/Glam/
Tune code: coming soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up417
Duration: 1:11
Description: Rocking pop instrumental
In the vein of:
​Key Words: Motivational/Rocking/Lift/Pick-up/Feel good/Sunny
Tune code: 142330CM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up235
Duration: 3:02
Description: Acoustic pop song
In the vein of:
​Key Words: Hopeful/encouragement/Love/Today/More/Tomorrow.
Tune code: 142330CP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up238
Duration: 3:18
Description: Acoustic love song
In the vein of:
​Key Words:
Tune code: 142330CR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up240
Duration: 2:42
Description: Acoustic love song with a full band and strings backing
In the vein of:
​Key Words:
Tune code: 142330CT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up242
Duration: 3:02
Description: Gentle break-up song with a full band and strings backing. High Emotion.
In the vein of:
​Key Words: Broken/Sad/Upset/Love/Acoustic/Relationships//Loving/Light/Gentle/Days/Break-up/Emotion.
Tune code: 142330CV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up244
Duration: 3:27
Description: Gentle break-up song with a full band and strings backing. High Emotion.
​Key Words: Broken/Sad/Upset/Love/Acoustic/Relationships/Voice/Burning/
Tune code: 143750AS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up346


Duration: 2:46
Description: Gentle acoustic song with male voice
​Key Words: Sad/Upset/Love/Acoustic/Relationships/Voice/Clouds/Gentle/Acoustic
Tune code: 158227DP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up475


Duration: 3:43
BPM: 120
Description:  Indie Pop/Blues with a soulful male vocal and acoustic guitar.
​Key Words: Cage/ Soulful/ Relationships/ Game/ Grooving/ Acoustic/ Melodic/ Soulful
Tune code: 152315HP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up460
Duration: 3:55
Description: Feel good acoustic Pop track.
Key Words: Cherish/ Time/ Warm/ Boy/ Piano/ Violin/ Life/ Laughing/ Hopeful/ Evening
Tune code: 152315HQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up458
Duration: 4:02
BPM: 119
Description: Warm mellow Indie Pop/folk with a soulful male vocal and acoustic guitar.
​Key Words: Acoustic/ Easy listening/ Mellow / Companionship/ Love / Heart /Symphony 
Tune code: 152315HR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up461
Duration: 4:07
BPM: 78
Description:  Gentle acoustic number with a powerful epic climax.
​Key Words: Home/Easy listening/ Mellow/ Forgetting/Acoustic/ Epic/  Melodic/ Soulful
Tune code: 152315HS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up459
Duration: 3:13
BPM: 120
Description: A whimsical piece about missing loved ones
Key Words: Male Vocal/  Songwriter/ Acoustic/ Three/ Words /Acoustic / Whimsical 
Tune code: 175743GN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up668
Duration: 4:39
BPM: 114
Description: A storey telling tale of two lovers split by war – spoken word, piano, bass, backing vocals and  snare drum.
Key Words: Male Vocal/  Songwriter/ Acoustic/ Wartime/Lovers/ Longing/ Spoken-word/ Togetherness / Emotion/ Reflective
Tune code: 174427ET
Catalogue Number: Pop-up711


The Girls

Duration: 4:16
Description: Lost love with full production with female vocal.
​Key Words: City/Love/Acoustic/Relationships//Loving/Light/Gentle/Fall/Emotion/Lost/Hopeless.
Tune code: 143563CU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up309
Duration: 3:10
Description: Dreamy soulful Love ballad.
​Key Words: Melancholic/Love/Acoustic/Relationships//Loving/Gentle/Fall/Emotion/Lost/Trust/Warm/Fight/Mistakes/Sad
Tune code: 143563CV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up310
BPM: 105
Description: Airy acoustic singer songwriter ballad with a touch of the Doors – female vocal and organ
Key Words: Ballad/ Singer/ songwriter/ Acoustic/ Femal/ vocals/ Soft/Organ/Relax/Airy/Peaceful
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up413
Duration: 4:16
Description: Soft melancholic song about the ending of a relationship. Female voice with guitar and harmonium.
​Key Words: Melancholic/Love/Acoustic/Relationships/Feelings/Gentle/Glitter/Emotion/Lost/Trust/Warm/
Tune code: 138048DW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up345
Duration: 4:09
Description: Gentle melancholic song with female vocals
​Key Words: Melancholic/Love/Acoustic/Relationships/Feelings/Gentle/Glitter/Emotion/Lost/Trust/Warm/
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up557
Description: Ballad a soulful vibe melancholic song with female vocals
​Key Words: Melancholic/Love/Acoustic/Relationships/Shadow/Dark/ Emotional/ Mind /Vibes/ Piano
Tune code: 143563CS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up601
Description: “Crash” is a laid-back acoustic song about the feelings you get when falling in love. The simplicity of it, along with the memorable melody, will make “Crash” hard to get out of your head.
​Key Words: Melancholic/Love/Acoustic/Relationships/Shadow/Dark/ Emotional/ Mind /Guitar/Female/ Vocalist/ Songwriter
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1070