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Track Name: Oh That’s Nasty!
Artist: Laveau
Description: Mid tempo electro  groove chilled.
Key Words: Chilled/ Synths/Cool/Voices/Smooth/Relaxed/Moving/Street/Drums/Beat/Groove
Tune code151597GV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up446  
Track Name: Relentless
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 3:20
BPM: 155
Description: Relentless bass loop with multiple bass guitars and synths; including double bass and Alembic Omega bass – backed with a contemporary beat and even a 12 string guitar.
Keywords:Relentless/ Unforgiving/ intense/  driving/ groovy/ hard/ beat/ 12 string
Tune code: 250499GS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1616
Track Name: That Damn Groove
Artist: Laveau
BPM: 110
Description: Chilled groove with Ninja Tune flavours
Key Words: Chilled/ Light/Cool/Air/Relax/Warm/Smooth/Relaxed/Moving/Uplifting/Daunting
Tune code151597GS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up445  
Track Name: The Take A Penny No Vox
Artist: Laveau
Duration: 4:09
BPM: 110
Description: Trippy groove with Ninja Tune flavours
Key Words:Chilled/Cool/Warm/Smooth/Relaxed/Slow/Trip Hop
Tune code151597GT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up448  
Track Name: Lost Bear Mountain
Artist: Jim Meacock
Duration: 5:07
BPM: 100
Description: Analogue synths, strings and drums work their magic
Key Words: Campfire/Fireside/Nighttime/Soulsearching/Wistful/Homestead/Log cabin/Forest/Warm/Together/Acoustic/Synthesiser
Tune code: 156129CQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up604 
Track Name: The Dragon
Artist: Laveau
Duration: 3:27
BPM: 80
Description: Laid back but epic groove with drum machine and synths
Key Words: Chilled/Cool/Warm/Smooth/Relaxed/Slow/Trip Hop
Tune code151797HQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up454  
Track Name: Clement
Artist: Mark Garfield
Duration: 0:34
Description:  Half time groove with CR78 drum machine
Key Words: Groove/Experimental/ Drums/ Drum machine
Tune code: 135158CP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up
Track Name: Equilibrium
Artist: Tim Allen
BPM: 101
Description: Warm, rich groove with piano intro
Key Words: Electronica,/Groove/Synthesizer/ Soundtrack/Warm/ Driving
Tune code: 144392FV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up318 
Track Name: Something For The Disco
Artist: Laveau
Duration: 2:18
BPM: 125
Description: Chilled track with a dark club vibe.
Key Words: Drums/ Chilled/Ambient/Club/Dark/Mystious
Tune code180265KM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up804 
Track Name: Wacky Lab
Duration: 00:30
BPM: 200
Description: Spooky, humourous laboratory music
Key Words: Experimental/ Spooky/ Fun/ Humouous/ Children/ Cartoon/ Organ/ Scary/ Spoof/ Horror
Tune code: 155000HM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up539
Track Name: The Movement
Artist: Laveau
Description: Up tempo energetic Drum & Bass groove with a chilled vibe.
Key Words: Chilled/ Synths/Cool/Voices/Smooth/Relaxed/Moving/Street/Drums/Beat/Groove/Drum&Bass/Double Bass/Ambient
Tune code:151597GU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up447
Track Name: Cyborg
Artist: Jake Zavracky
Description: Short modern electronica 80’s electro with Dubstep
Key Words: Big Beat/ Synths/Moving/Street/Drums/Beat/Groove/Dubstep/Double Bass
Tune code155945GQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up468
Track Name: Dayglo Zombies
Artist: Jake Zavracky
DescriptionRetro 80’s cinematic synthesized soundscape, in the vein of Escape from New York.
 Key Words: Future/ Synths/Moving/Street/Cinematic/ 80’s/ Retro/ Electronic/ Synthesizer/ Games
Tune code155945GR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up469
Track Name: Dr. No
Artist: Jake Zavracky
DescriptionBig electronic rock drenched in fat synths.
Key Words:/ Electronic/ Electronica/ Big beat/ Synth Rock/ Future/ Synths/Moving/Street/Cinematic/ 80’s/ Retro/ Electronic/ Synthesizer/ Games
Tune code155945GS

Catalogue Number: Pop-up470
Track Name: Eat More Plastic
Artist: Jake Zavracky
DescriptionRetro 80’s synth pop uptempo.
Key WordsElectronic/ Electronica/ Drum Machine/ Synth pop / Euro Pop/ 80’s Synthesizer/ Games/
Tune code155945GT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up471
Track Name: Lamborghini
Artist: Jake Zavracky
Description80’s electronic car chase music.
Key Words: Cars/ Guitar solo/ 80’sElectronic/ Electronica/ Drum Machine/ Synth pop / 80’s Synthesizer/ Games
Tune code155945GU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up472
Track Name: Madame Hydra
Artist: Jake Zavracky
Description: Short modern electronica with vocals
Key WordsElectronic/ Electronica/ Dubstep/ Big beat /
Tune code155945GV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up473
Track Name: PI
Artist: Mark Garfield
Duration: 2:22
BPM: 120
Description: 1980’s style TV theme – with synths, Simmonds drums and some roll-up-your- pastel-coloured -jacket-selves keytar.
Key Words: Cops/TV Theme/1980’s/Uplifting/Fun/Chase/Tense/Thriller/Drama/Catchy/Retro/
Tune code: 154211KS
Track Name: Schlateen
Artist: Mark Garfield
Duration: 3:12
Description: Germanic/Berlin electronica think Modeselektor
Key Words: Techno / Synthesizer / Analogue / Arpeggiated / Sequenced / Driving / Dark/ Tension/ Club
Tune code: 140648EW 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up176
Track Name: Low Level Disruption
Artist: Jim Meacock
Duration: 5:48
BPM: 135
Description: Uplifting electronica with a strong build
Key Words: Synthesizer / Analogue  / Driving / Uplifting / Building / Warm
Tune code:  156128LT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up600
Track Name: Auto PM
Artist: Malcolm Liston
Duration: 3:12
BPM: 100
Description: German Techno, in the vein of Kraftwerk
Key Words: Techno / Synthesizer / Analogue / Arpeggiated / Sequenced / Driving
Tune code:  135236LM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up084
Duration: 1:43
Track Name: Drive By
Artist:: Malcolm Liston
BPM: 130
Description: Electro Rock
Key Words: Drive By, Urgent, Urban, Moving, Speed.
Tune code:  135236KW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up085
Track Name: Child So Careless
Artist: Garry Cosgrove
Duration: 4:23
BPM: 120
Description: Re-mix electro track.
Key Words: Electro/ Remix/ Reverse/ Synths /Driving/ Dance
Tune code: 141183FP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up192
Track Name: Satisfied
Artist: Stem
Duration: 3:31
BPM: 126
Description: Dark mid tempo heavy electronica track
In the vein of: Marylyn Manson.
Key Words: Life /Dark /Satisfied/ Electro/ Gothic/ Sinister/ Angery
Tune code141117HS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up193
Track Name: Equilibrium
Artist: Tim Allen
BPM: 101
Description: Warm, rich groove with piano intro
 Key Words: Electronica,/Groove/Synthesizer/ Soundtrack/Warm/ Driving/
Tune code: 144392FV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up318
Track Name: Too Much
Artist: Laveau
Duration: 4:02
Description: Up tempo groove with a funky flavour, bass and dark synths.
Key Words: Drums/ Synthesiser/ Bass/ Energy/ Chase/ Fast/ City/ Night/ Percussive/ Synths
Tune code151597GR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up421
Track Name: For You And Me
Artist:  Laveau
BPM: 160
Description: Drum & Bass track with cool double bass and a chilled flute section.
Key Words: Drums/Chase/Fast/Frantic/Double Bass/ Lost
Tune code180265HW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up806
Track Name: A Moments Notice
Artist: Laveau
Duration: 1:42
BPM: 156 
Description: Heavy Drum n Bass tune with a dirty blues harmonica
Key Words: DnB/ blues/ electronic/ progressive/ jungle/ experimental/ alternative/ bass music
Tune code: 183657HQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up826
Track Name: Only The Beginning
Artist: Laveau
Duration: 1:28
BPM: 120
Description: Epic fat tune – big half time drums fat synths.
Key Words: electro/ heavy synth/ techno/ epic/ edm/ club/ bass music/ electronica/  trailer music/ action scene/ commercial/Epic/ Massive
Tune code: 183657HR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up827
Track Name: Endless
Artist: Mark Garfield
Duration: 4:14
BPM: 60
Description: Slow instrumental bed with massive drums and building strings and moogs climaxing to an epic wall of layered sounds.
Key Words: Epic/Drums/ Moog/ Strings/ Mellotrons/ Meandering/ Space / Air/ Vast/ Open.
Tune code: 175159DP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up690
Track Name: Ocean Search
Artist: Mark Garfield
Duration: 2:15
Description: Quirky instrumental made with Casio keyboards and classic drum machines
Key Words: Searching/ Retro/ Up-beat/ Whacky/ Driving/ Electo/ Space / Air/ Vast/ Open.
Tune code: 261412HR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1519
Track Name: Peanuted Salt
Artist: Mark Garfield
Duration: 3:07
BPM: 120
Description: Electro Swing tune with a dixieland jazz feel/vibe.
Key Words: Jazz Swing / Electro Swing /Dixieland / Fun / Flute / Trumpet / Magic / Melotron/ 1920s / 1930s /1940s / 1950s/Uplifting
Tune code139924AR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up164 
Track Name: Trad Rag
Duration: 1:21
BPM: 122
Description:  Fun electro swing track with a trad/rag time vibe mixed with a dance groove.
Key Words: Wild/ Wacky/ Trumpet/ Clarinet/ Piano/Trad/ Rag time/Jazz Swing / Electro Swing /Dixieland / Fun / 1920s / 1930s /Uplifting/Uplifting
Tune code:  262903BR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1604 
Track Name: Clean Shave
Artist: Patrick Cooke
Duration: 0:31
BPM: 117
Description: Quirky, charming upbeat with male vocal
Key Words: Quirky/ Fun/ Vocal/ Beatbox/ Upbeat
Tune code:  138614KT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up111
Track Name: Float
Artist: Mark Garfield
Duration: 0:12
BPM: 94
Description: Sort electro track with big drums and bass wobbles
Key Words: Electronic/ Floating/ Space/ Light/ Dubstep/Wobble/Danger/Heavy
Tune code: 262071BR

Track Name: Vamp
Artist: Mark Garfield
Duration: 0:30
BPM: 118
Description: Dirty heavy blues influenced short with harmonica, Hammond and guitar.
Key Words: Nasty/ Dirt/ Heavy/ Powerful/ Blues / Urgent
Tune code: 184755BQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up950
Track Name: Majestic Vista
Artist: Mo Foster
Duration: 4:31
Description: Soundtrack style 70s/80s with synth
Keywords: Futuristic/ Driving/ Synths/  Positive/ Smooth/ Light / Hopeful/ Retro
Tune code: 272108HN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1805
Track Name: On The Block
Artist: Mo Foster
Description: Tv theme 80s vibe driving groove, lead guitar  and synths.
Keywords: TV theme/ 80s/ Positive/ Driving
Tune code: 272108FV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1806
Track Name: Its Summer Time
Artist: Mo Foster
Description: Lost sports TV theme – up beat summer vibe 70s
Keywords: Summer/ Upbeat/ Positive/ Smooth/ Light / Hopeful/ West Indies/ Sport/ TV theme
Tune code: 272108GW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1802