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Track Name: Back Alley Shuffle
Artist: Roger & Ellen
Duration: 2:34
BPM: 107
Description: Cool Blues instrumental with a serious swagger with organ blues harp and full band.
Key Words: Late night/Bars/Drinking/Cool/Laid-back/Swagger/Whisky/Bourbon/USA.
Tune code142705CM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up278
Track Name: Blues Won’t Leave Me Alone
Artist: Invisible Eddie
Duration: 3:33
Description: Blues rock song with cool blues guitar solos and lick.
Key Words: Blues/Cool/Groovy/Jealousy/Load/Heavy/Home/Price
Tune code: 142375LQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up257
Track Name: Train Blues
Artist: Rod Garfield
Duration: 3:33
BPM: Various
Description: Blues harp solo impersonating a steam train – The mail train takes a journey from London to Scotland moving from the blues to a folk
Key Words: Blues/Steam/Trains/Locomotives/Mail/Night/Jigs/Reels/Scotland
Tune code: 134075FP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up057
Track Name: Enough For Everyone
Artist: Jerome Fitzpatick (Fitz)
Duration: 4:25
BPM: 113
Description: Soulful shuffle Blues  with a roaring horn section
Key Words: Blues/Shuffle/Horns/Soulful/Sax/Groovy/Warm/Encouragement/ Piano/ New Orleans /Enough/ Everyone
Tune code: 155630CP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up433
Track Name: You Get What You Get
Artist: Duane Evans
Duration: 2:54
BPM: 123
Description: Grooving boggie piano and Voice. Bouncy, boogie-woogie, piano and vocal with a nice dance tempo, creative and clever lyric, care-free and happy go lucky.
Key Words: Happy/ Blues/Soulful/Groovy/Warm/Encouragement/ Piano/Life/Boggie/Bouncy/Bopping/Clapping/Hopeful
Tune code: 154559BQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up535
Track Name: Mr Bear Blues
Artist: Rod Garfield
Duration: 1:03
BPM: Free
Description: Blues harp solo – raw and raunchy.
​Key Words: Solo/ Blues/Raw/Edgy/ Rough/ Bad
Tune code: 176487BW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up695
Track Name: Catfish Blooz
Artist: Cold Water Water
Duration: 4:13
BPM: Free
Description: Blues Rock with rip-roaring guitar solo’s, male vocal and tasteful Hammond organ.
Key Words: Solo/ Blues/Raw/Edgy/ Rough/ Bad/Fish/Guitar/Hammond
Tune code: Coming soon
Catalogue Number: Pop-up721