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Duration: 3:01
BPM: 108
Description: Contemporary orchestral, fast paced cat and mouse piece
​Key Words: Chase/Orchestral/Strings/Flute/Brass/Driving/Contemporary
Tune code: 175901KM
Catalogue Number: Pop-up701
Duration: 3:19
Description: Classical guitar, strings, woodwind, brooding, weighty
​Key Words: Warm/Slow/Weighty/Brooding/Moody/Acoustic/Guitars/
Tune code: 143482CQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up720
Description: A high energy trailer style track with a soaring theme that dips in the middle and concludes with a huge ending
​Key Words: Enegry, Orchestral, Thematic, Soundtrack, Horns, Strings, Chase, Trailer
Tune code: 177311FV
Catalogue Number: Pop-up713
Duration: 1:55
Description: This trailer contains three parts: Part one: several elements of sound design; Part two: an orchestral music part; Part three: a combination of sound design elements and music with a huge climax at the end of the trailer.
​Key Words: Trailer, Orchestral, Excitement, Action, Smooth, Percussion, Intensification, Soundscapes, Horror, Climax
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up736
Duration: 1:43
Description:Expansive, gently majestic orchestral track ​
Key Words: Eerie/Haunting/Pensive/Longing/Emotive/Cold/Chilling/Mysterious/Dark/Night
Tune code: 143482CT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up325
Duration: 3:27
Description:Large string orchestra chase theme
​Key Words: Driving/Orchestral/Tense/Swirling/Chase/
Tune code: 146359CT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up353
Duration: 2:06
Description: Orchestral works recorded by Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra ​
Key Words: Orchestral/Symphonic/Cinematic/Sentimental/Epic/Lively/Action/ Whimsical/Strings
Tune code: 152600CP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up477
Duration: 3:27
Description:News theme – 80’s vibe – driving beat with many anticipated chordal hits and a melodic hook.
​Key Words: News; sports; excitement, Rock; horns; fanfare
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up725
Duration: 3:27
Description: Dark horror ambiant edgy sounds.
​Key Words:Dark/Sinister/Horroe/Tense/Frightening/Lost/Rain/Cold/Lonesome/Fear
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up715