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Trip Hop


Track Name: Headspace
Artist: Sideway
Duration: 2:41
BPM: 110
Description: Dark atmospheric female vocal lead Trip Hop.
Key Words: Reflective/Dark/Atmospheric/ Space/ Trip/ Confusion/ Places/ Headspace/ Glass/ Breakable/ Rhodes
Tune code: 144097DU
Catalogue Number: Pop-up344 
Track Name: The Take a Penny No Vox
Artist: Laveau
Duration: 4:09
BPM: 160
Description: Trippy groove.
Key Words: Chilled/ Light/Cool/Air/Relax/Warm/Smooth/Relaxed/Moving/Uplifting/Daunting/Trip Hop
Tune code151597GT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up448  
Track Name: Slow Mornings
Artist: Beatrice Mason
Duration 3:31
BPM: 90
Description: Trip-hop influenced track – The song describes the morning after a new love, the cozyness, the laziness and the butterflies in your stomach.
Key Words: Chilled/ Light/Cool/Air/Relax/Warm/Smooth/Relaxed/Moving/Uplifting/Daunting/Trip Hop/Warm/ Laziness/Slow /mornings /New /Love /Cozy/ Bed
Tune code227058LT
Catalogue Number: Pop-up840 
Track Name: Flotsam And Jetsam
Artist: Macombee & The Absolute Truth
Duration 03:57
BPM: 76
Description: A happening in another world…… Trip-hop influenced track – Floating yet driving.
Key Words: Chilled/ flotsam/ jetsam/ Bellamy/ Light/Cool/Air/Relax/Warm/Smooth/Relaxed/Moving/Uplifting/Daunting/Trip Hop/Warm
Tune code229618FQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up972 
Track Name: Swim On Ft. Nikakoi
Artist: Sophie Villy
Duration: 3:55
Description: Contemporary Trip Hop track
Key Words: Swimming/ Dreaming/Chilled/ Light/Cool/Air/Relax/Warm/Smooth/Relaxed/Moving/Daunting/Trip Hop/
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up2050 
Track Name: Swim On – Instrumental
Artist: Sophie Villy
Duration: 3:55
Description: Instrumental  Trip Hop track.
Key Words: Instrumental/Dreaming/Chilled/ Light/Cool/Air/Relax/Warm/Smooth/Relaxed/Moving/Daunting/Trip Hop
Tune code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up2091