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Track Name: Wasted Tears
Artist: Victoria Celestine
Duration: 4:19
BPM: 120
Description: Synth pop with a dark 80’s edge.
Key Words: Synth/ Dark/ Poppy/ 80’s/ Driven/ Driving.
Tune Code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1073 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Ancestors
Duration: 5:36
Description: A supremely powerful track that delivers an enthralling combination of raw energy and gentle air. Featuring a hard hitting and thumping in-your-face chorus that contains soaring lead vocals and synths. Verses that are light and airy with dreamily spaced vocals with subtle melodic and memorable is a driving, pulsating rythmic track about starting again and aiming high.
Key Words: Driving/ Pulsating Rhythmic/ Dreampop/ Indietronica/ Uplifting/ Energetic/ Modern/ Air/ Hope/ Synths/ Electro
Tune code: 184920AN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up946 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Lay Your Arms
Artist: Messa Jane
Duration: 3:37
BPM: 100
Description: Hip hop meets indie pop, song about peace, mellow dance vibe.
Key Words: Groove/ Loop/ Hip hop/ Indie/ Cool/ Female Vocal/ Electro/ Mellow/ Chilled.
Tune code: 157817GS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up596 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Haunt You
Artist: Messa Jane
Duration: 3:37
BPM: 130
Description:Indie pop / Alternative / electro  music meshing 80s synths with live drums and keys. Velvety female Vocal.
Key Words: Haunting/ Groove/ 80s synths
Tune code: 157817GR
Catalogue Number: Pop-up595 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Keep On Calling
Artist: Two Cheers
Duration: 3:43
BPM:  130
Description: An indie/rock track with infectious funk-pop melodies, Kings of Leon-esque thundering bass and drums, and The Cure’s penchant for shimmering guitars and dreamy, poignant, slightly wild vocals.
Key Words: Rock/ Indie pop/ 80s/ Introspective/  Friendship/ Love
Tune code: 154211EW
Catalogue Number: Pop-up492 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Real Life
Artist: Brothertiger
Duration: 3:58
Description: A dreamy track full of washed out synths and cassette-tape beats.
Key Words: Electronic/ Synthpop/ Future pop/ Dance/ Joyful/ Happy/ Indie Electro/ Love/ Bouncy
Tune code225413LS
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1227 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Runnin
Artist: Marc Robillard
Duration: 3:10
BPM: 120
Description: Hooky sing-a-long power pop song.
Key Words: Poppy/ Rock/ Uplifting/ Driven/ Driving/ Running/ Happy/ Uplifting
Tune Code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1080 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Something more
Artist: Victoria Celestine
Duration: 4:04
BPM: 124
Description: Synth pop.
Key Words: Synth/ Wanting/ Empowerment/ Poppy/ 80’s/ Uplifting/ Driven/ Driving/ Claps/ female empowerment
Tune Code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1072 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Wasted Tears
Artist: Victoria Celestine
Duration: 4:19
BPM: 120
Description: Synth pop with a dark 80’s edge.
Key Words: Synth/ Dark/ Poppy/ 80’s/ Driven/ Driving.
Tune Code:
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1073 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Got My Back
Artist: Dani Poppitt
Duration: 2:45
BPM: 140
Description:High energy Pop song, electronic. Claps included! Hopeful and sweet.
Key Words: Pop/ Catchy/ Upbeat/ Pop bubblegum/ Commercial/ Hope/ Hooky/ Fun.
Tune code177980GN
Catalogue Number: Pop-up659 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Energy
Artist: Fire Tigers
BPM: 160
Description: Theatrical, Authentically 80’s Power-Pop Classic Rock, Upbeat, Female Vocals, “Who’s Got the Energy” by LA band Fire Tiger
​Keywords:  Fun/ Summer/ USA/ Happy/ 80’s/ Pop/ Rock/ Classic Rock/ Synth Pop/ Energy/ Power/ Electricity/ Inspirational/ Love/ Uplifting/ Empowerment
Tune code184225DQ
Catalogue Number: Pop-up841 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Energy Instrumental (with BV’s)
Artist: Fire Tigers
BPM: 160
Description: 80’s high energy instrumental track with retro feel. Includes some light backing vocals “Energy, who’s got the energy?”
Keywords: 80’s/ Synth Bass/ Relationships/ Crazy/ 80’s nostalgia/ Retro/ Synth-pop/ Energy/ Racy/ Futuristic/ Uptempo/ Fast/ Playful/ Uplifting/ Empowering/ Sci-fi/ 80’s TV Cop Show/ 80’s Simmons drums/ Driving.
Tune code: 184225EP
Catalogue Number: Pop-up854 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Pending
Artist: Victoria Celestine
Duration: 4:09
Description: Relationship electro pop track.
Keywords: 80’s/ Synth Bass/ Relationships/ Retro/ Synth-pop/ Downtempo
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1373 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Out Of Touch
Artist: Brothertiger
Duration: 4:00
Description: 80’s tinged synth pop song – feel good vibe.
Keywords: Uplifting/ City/ Warm/80’s/ Synth Bass/ Retro/ Synth-pop/ Smooth
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1374 DOWNLOAD
Track Name: Fall Apart
Artist: Brothertiger
Duration: 5:08
Description: Melancholic vibe whilst feeling good – dark in places.
Keywords: Melancholic  / Dark/80’s/ Retro/ Synth-pop/ Driving
Tune code: 
Catalogue Number: Pop-up1375 DOWNLOAD